Electrostatic Painting Does the Job When Other Paints Fail

High Performance Coating Systems

You might have heard of the term electrostatic as it refers to painting and wondered what it means. Electrostatic is the process of using paint particles with a positive charge to coat metal surfaces. This requires a specialized gun to get it done. Many people like using this kind of paint. That’s because it creates a fully even coat along the desired surface. People also appreciate that it leads to less wasted paint and the use of exterior high-performance coating systems.

Cleaner and Easier

Painting any surface can be quite messy. This is particularly true of certain items in your home or business like appliances and your car. It’s also true of items that are larger or awkward like metal fences, doors, and windows. You can aim the paint at the item and you know it will stick to the surface quickly. Using this kind of painting technique makes it easier than ever to get the painting job you have in mind done properly. The use of this kind of paint means the paint particles are attracted to the surface of the item. That process means less dripping and a far easier clean-up when you’re done.

A Fast and Efficient Process

Another advantage of using this painting method for exterior high-performance coating systems is that it is fast drying. The user works with a wet tint. This can take as long as 24 hours to cure. However, it also dries quickly. In a few hours, you can expect the paint to be dry to the touch. The use of an electrostatic spray gun also means a lot less paint is wasted. If you use a standard spray paint method, you might lose upwards of 20% of the paint you put in the gun. Users can count on the fact they are likely to see only about 5% of the paint wasted.

A Great Choice

Many users find this kind of paint works well under many circumstances. While you don’t need a specific type of paint tailored for this process, it helps to find one. It’s also useful to bear in mind that you’ll need to properly prep the surface of the item you want to paint before you begin. Set aside a specific area to paint it. You can do this process both indoors and outside. It’s also easy to pick the kind of colors you want. If you don’t see the one you want available, ask the company to prepare it for you. A set of goggles can be very helpful as you work with paint in Hialeah, Florida.

Consider this type of paint for your next painting plans. At our company, we can help you with all of your paint jobs in Hialeah, Florida right now.

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