Basics of Electrostatic Coatings: About, Types, Benefits

Coatings are a technology that has been around for many years but is often misunderstood. This blog post will help to clarify some of the basics about coatings, including what they are, the types available, and their benefits.

What Are Electrostatic Coatings?

It is a method of applying a paint coating to a metal surface in which the paint particles are given an electrostatic charge to attract the metal. This electrostatic charge is created by using a high-voltage electrical current, which polarizes the molecules in the paint so that they are attracted to the coating surface. The electrostatic force ensures that the paint particles lay down evenly on the surface, resulting in a smooth and consistent finish. Electrostatic painting in Miami is often used for car bodies and other metal surfaces that require a high-quality finish.

Types of Coatings

There are two main types of coatings: powder coating and electrocoating. Powder electrostatic painting in Miami is the more common of the two, and it involves spraying a dry powder onto the metal surface. This powder is then charged with electricity. The electrostatic charge causes the powder particles to adhere to the metal, and then, the coated surface is cured under heat so that the powder melts and forms a smooth, hard film. Powder coatings are typically used for larger surfaces, such as automotive parts or appliances.

Electrocoating, also known as electrodeposition, is a wet process that applies a liquid paint material to the object’s surface using an electric current. Liquid coatings are applied using a special gun that applies an electrostatic charge to the paint as it is being sprayed onto the surface. This type of coating is often used for smaller jobs or areas that are difficult to reach with a powder coating gun, such as electronics.

Benefits of Coatings

It offers several advantages over traditional painting methods. With the ever-growing popularity of industrial and military equipment, the demand for proper protection against corrosion has never been greater. Coatings offer an attractive solution because of their improved corrosion resistance. In addition, coatings often provide superior coverage and can be applied in difficult-to-reach areas.

Unlike traditional paint coatings, these coatings can form a stronger bond with the surface to which they are applied. That makes them more resistant to chips, scratches, and other damage. In addition, coatings are more resistant to fading and other types of wear. Products that are coated by electrostatic painting services in Miami will retain their new look for longer.

Coatings’ smooth, even finish can give products a more polished and professional appearance. Coatings can provide a more uniform finish than traditional coating methods, and they are also less likely to drip or sag during application. In addition, the wide range of colors and textures available make it easy to find a coating that will complement any product.

Despite these advantages, coatings can be more expensive than traditional methods, requiring special application equipment. It is important to consult with professional electrostatic painting services in Miami before deciding whether the coating is right for a particular project.

Steeltech Electropainting, based in Florida, provides coating services to all industries. Whatever the requirements, Steeltech has the experience and expertise to provide a high-quality finish and a wide range of coating services and products, including custom colors and finishes. We can guide the best type of coating for your project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve the perfect finish.

5 Facts about Electrostatic Coating

Electrostatic painting is a process in which charged paint particles are sprayed onto a surface. This type of coating is often used for metal parts and surfaces because it provides a thin and even coat. This painting method is based on the fact that parts with opposite electrical charges attract each other.

High Voltage Use

Electrostatic painting uses a high voltage to apply paint to a surface. This voltage creates an electrostatic field that attracts the paint particles to the surface. The paint particles are then electrically charged and adhere to the surface. The process can be used with any paint, including powder coating, which is applied to the surface and then cured with heat.


When painting, applying an electrostatic coat is one of the most efficient methods since there is minimal or no overspray. The electrical charge used to coat objects helps the coating material wrap around objects more evenly. This can improve the coverage of the coating and reduce the amount of waste.

Environmentally Friendly

Electrostatic painting is a safe and environmentally friendly way to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. Unlike traditional coatings that use harmful chemicals and fumes, electrostatic painting in Miami uses an electrical charge to bind the coating material to the metal surface. The powder or liquid-based coatings emit little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.


This method can paint various metals and materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and even stainless steel. The process helps to create a smooth and even coating that can resist chipping, fading, and wear. The electrostatic painting also has the advantage of being quick and easy to clean up. Additionally, electrostatic paintings are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize the appearance of your objects.

Cost Savings

Overall, electrostatic painting is a more cost-effective option than traditional coating methods. Electrostatic painting services Miami offers a process that is faster and requires less material, labor, and energy. This can lead to notable cost savings for businesses that use electrostatic painting. Electrostatic sprayers have a high transfer efficiency of up to 90%, resulting in less waste and material costs.

Produces a Superior Finish

The electrical charge used to coat objects helps create a more uniform finish with fewer imperfections. Additionally, electrostatic painting is less likely to cause runs or sagging. Electrostatic painting in Miami can create a smooth, glossy, aesthetically pleasing finish. This type of finish can improve the appearance of objects and make them more visually appealing.

Fast Drying and Curing

Most electrostatic painting processes use water-based or powder-based coatings, which dry and cure quickly. This allows for a faster production time and reduced energy costs.

Extended Durability

The improved bonding between the coating and the object achieved with electrostatic painting can extend the lifespan of the coating. Additionally, electrostatic paintings are more resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. The professional application of electrostatic paintings improves the durability of the finish and protects against wear and tear.

Electrostatic coating is a process that has been used for many years in many industries. It is an effective way to coat and protect products from corrosion, abrasion, and other forms of wear and tear. If you want a coating process that will provide your product with long-lasting protection, electrostatic painting services in Miami may be the right choice. Contact us at Steeltech Electropainting today to learn more about this process and how it can benefit your business.

Electrostatic Painting Does the Job When Other Paints Fail

You might have heard of the term electrostatic as it refers to painting and wondered what it means. Electrostatic is the process of using paint particles with a positive charge to coat metal surfaces. This requires a specialized gun to get it done. Many people like using this kind of paint. That’s because it creates a fully even coat along the desired surface. People also appreciate that it leads to less wasted paint and the use of exterior high-performance coating systems.

Cleaner and Easier

Painting any surface can be quite messy. This is particularly true of certain items in your home or business like appliances and your car. It’s also true of items that are larger or awkward like metal fences, doors, and windows. You can aim the paint at the item and you know it will stick to the surface quickly. Using this kind of painting technique makes it easier than ever to get the painting job you have in mind done properly. The use of this kind of paint means the paint particles are attracted to the surface of the item. That process means less dripping and a far easier clean-up when you’re done.

A Fast and Efficient Process

Another advantage of using this painting method for exterior high-performance coating systems is that it is fast drying. The user works with a wet tint. This can take as long as 24 hours to cure. However, it also dries quickly. In a few hours, you can expect the paint to be dry to the touch. The use of an electrostatic spray gun also means a lot less paint is wasted. If you use a standard spray paint method, you might lose upwards of 20% of the paint you put in the gun. Users can count on the fact they are likely to see only about 5% of the paint wasted.

A Great Choice

Many users find this kind of paint works well under many circumstances. While you don’t need a specific type of paint tailored for this process, it helps to find one. It’s also useful to bear in mind that you’ll need to properly prep the surface of the item you want to paint before you begin. Set aside a specific area to paint it. You can do this process both indoors and outside. It’s also easy to pick the kind of colors you want. If you don’t see the one you want available, ask the company to prepare it for you. A set of goggles can be very helpful as you work with paint in Hialeah, Florida.

Consider this type of paint for your next painting plans. At our company, we can help you with all of your paint jobs in Hialeah, Florida right now.

The Differences Between Electrostatic Painting and Powder Coating

Many people think that they can use Electrostatic Painting and Powder Coating interchangeably. This is not the case. Although the two processes are very similar and use electrical charges to paint metal surfaces, they are not the same. In fact, electrostatic painting can offer you a few advantages compared to powder coating.

If you are unsure which option to go for, read ahead and see the differences between electrostatic painting and powder coating.

Ready to Go Paint Vs. Paint that Needs to Be Cured

The main difference between electrostatic painting and a powder coating is that electrostatic paint is ready to go and dries quickly on the surface of the painted object. In contrast, powder coating needs to be cured in an oven at high temperatures.

All Metals Can Be Painted Vs. Only Certain Metals Can Be Painted

Electrostatic paint is suitable for all metals and can be used on large surfaces and surfaces with difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies. The same is not the case for Powder Coating. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, the object that is being painted has to be the right size to fit into an oven so that the paint can be cured. Next, it has to be a material that can withstand temperatures up to 385 degrees Fahrenheit. Powder coating would not suit a wall-like metal surface that cannot be moved or a weaker metal object that can get warped or meltdown in the oven.

On-site Painting Vs. at The Shop Painting

Because of the curing process that powder coating requires, powder coating cannot be done on-site. All objects that need to be painted have to be transported to the shop. This can cause delays and extra time and money needed for transport. Electrostatic painting, on the other hand, can be done entirely on-site. It can also be done at the shop if it is more convenient for the clients, meaning more options.

No Downtime Vs. Disruptions to Regular Business

For electrostatic painting, nothing has to be moved out of its place or taken to a second location to be painted, which means there is little to no downtime. The clients can go about their day while the painters work and when the objects are drying. As for powder coating, any object that needs to be painted will have to be at the shop for at least 24 hours, considering curing time and transport time. If any of these objects are essential for everyday business, there can be delays and disruptions.

A Thin Even Finish Vs. a Thicker Finish

A powder coating can give you a durable and even finishing of paint, but the coating is quite thick and can be susceptible to cracks and chips. If you were hoping for a thinner coat of paint, then powder coating is not the right option for you because attempting to thin a powder coat can lead to patchiness and an uneven finish. On the other hand, electrostatic painting gives you a thin and even coating along all the object surfaces that lasts long and is durable.

A Pristine Finish Vs. Chances of Damage During Transport

Electrostatic paint is sprayed onto an object, and then the object is left in its place to dry without being handled or moved around. As for powder spray, the object has to be transported first to the shop, then the oven once it has been painted, and then back to its location. During all of this transport, there is a chance that your objects might be at risk of damage.

Keeping in mind all of the differences that we have stated between electrostatic painting and powder coating, we suggest you go for electrostatic painting.

Steeltech Electropainting, Inc. – Metal Painting Company

Steeltech Electropainting, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business specializing in on-location Electrostatic Painting, Restoration and Refinishing services, and Polishing and Buffing. Our expertly trained and skilled team always does a good job and completely satisfies our customers.

For more information on our services and the different industries we work in, visit our website. You can also fill out a contact form with any questions or concerns you may have or call us at 800-638-4413.

Electrostatic Painting is the Right Solution for a Long-Lasting Finish!

Electrostatic painting was created to be the perfect solution for painting metal surfaces. It lasts 10 times longer than other metal finishes, making it a more cost-effective solution for your business or home. This process is both an efficient and clean method of applying a flawless coating to any metal surface. It’s not only durable but strong as well. 

Our electrostatic painting system is portable, meaning we can come directly to you. 

The method of painting also makes it so that you can continue conducting business while we work. Our experienced and trained technicians will work on-site quickly and cleanly. The process, which we will explain later, ensures there is no over-spray. 

Metal surfaces are hard to paint, chipping and flaking are a common problem. Brushes and rollers are not meant for this substrate and most spray systems simply don’t work. 

Electrostatic painting offers the smoothest, most durable painted finish available on the market today.

SteelTech Electroplating has two locations, offering our services to all of South Florida. We have been operating since 1974 and have perfected the craft of creating the ultimate finish for any metal surface. Our finishes are ideal for:



    • Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment



    • Residential & Condo Associations
    • Machinery & Mechanical Equipment



  • Machinery & Mechanical Equipment

Instead of replacing furniture and office equipment because they are starting to look old, let our technicians bring them back to life. 

You will be nothing but satisfied when you see everything look new again, and you’ll save a few extra dollars.


What is the electrostatic painting process?

The metal surface is first washed and sanded then a negative electrical charge is applied to the substrate. The spray gun applies a positive charge to the finish as it is sprayed out. A magnetic field is created, causing the finish to attach to the metal and envelope it with a smooth finish.

The paint literally wraps itself around the surface being painted due to the magnetic field that is created. 

A traditional sprayer paints what you point it at, where electrostatic paint is propelled towards the magnetically charged substrate. 

This creates an even coat around the entire surface at the same time. A light tack coat is followed by a full wet spray.

The finish touches only the negatively charged material. This means that there is no overspray, no fog, no mist. Your work area is clean at all times making this process perfect for on-site applications.

A great benefit of our on-site solution is that the coating will completely cure overnight. We offer flexible work times to fit your business needs. We are available after hours and on weekends to help minimize disruption and eliminate downtime.


The benefits of electrostatic painting are extensive.

The process creates a hard and smooth enamel finish. It is also non-porous, making it hygienic as well as impervious to cleaning chemicals. The surface will last up to 10 times as long as traditional painting methods, making it very economical in the long run.

Electrostatic painting is one of the most cost-effective, clean, and efficient methods of painting any metal substrate. It is also the only method available to refinish on-site metal architecture and will bring your equipment back to a new product finish. 

Our coatings are also available in every standard color as well as custom-blended solutions to fit your brand requirements.

Some of the most common items we create new finishes for are:

    • Storefronts
    • Railings & Staircases
    • Canopy Framing



  • File Cabinets & Metal Desks
  • Gym Lockers
  • Interior & Exterior Metal Doors
  • Elevator Doors & Frames
  • Metal Fencing
  • Window Wall Systems


Everything we do is backed by a written warranty against cracking, delamination, and peeling.

SteelTech Electropainting provides the best alternative to replacing your furniture and equipment.

Our cost-effective solution will make your assets and properties valuable again. The electrostatic paints increase the durability and aesthetics of any surface you allow us to treat. 

We take great pride in using the best materials and processes available in the market.

Contact Steeltech Today!

We are a family-owned and operated South Florida business providing top-tiered finishing solutions for over 40 years. Our team of skilled refinishers will provide on-site flawless service, both quickly, and efficiently. We are licensed, insured, and offer unrivaled warranties. We offer on-site electrostatic painting, Metal polishing, buffing, and restoration services.

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Electrostatic Painting and If It Is Right For You

Technology is changing everything about how various jobs are performed and it gives you a professional, lasting look when painting. Electrostatic painting is taking advantage of these advancements to change it as we know it. The process uses equipment that works with atomized particles in the paint for a stronger and lasting finish. It creates an attraction that forces the paint molecules to absorb better on the surface. These techniques are effective for exterior and interior surfaces and works on fences, rails, awnings, trailers, and tanks. 


The Benefits of Electrostatic Painting

Electro painting offers benefits that make the paint job easier, and it improves the effectiveness of the work. Studies show that using these solutions increases efficiency by 70% and reduces the waste from over panting and spills by 65%. Think about it, we all have times where we are panting something and want to do a good job. The problem is that we become too involved and over-paint or under-paint. 


In the process, there will be spillage from moving the paint from the can to the gun or brush. These practices waste paint, and we don’t do as good of a job as the electro methods. 


Electro solutions use a special paint designed to penetrate deeper into the surface and stick better to it. There is no need to use primers such as what happens in traditional painting solutions. Instead, a single coat creates a smoother and more even finish that lasts ten times longer than other options. During the application process, it is efficient, and there is less exposure to the elements or other contaminants. The result is better coverage, decreased amounts of waste, and you have a professional-looking finish that lasts. 


For example, suppose you are painting a fence that requires constant maintenance from exposure to the sun, wind, and rain. Typically, you will need to scrape, prime, and repaint the surface every two to four years. 


Otherwise, the elements will slowly destroy the quality of the wood, and it will need replacement. Sometimes, you can extend the protection levels by using a sealer, but this only lasts for maybe a year or two. Electrostatic painting reduces the number of times you need to do maintenance on the fence by going deeper into the surface’s molecules. It lasts an average of ten years without any further maintenance and doesn’t need a primer before the first coat. One coat leads to measurable results that improve the quality, look, and feel of the job. 


The Drawbacks

The drawbacks of electrostatic painting are the toxic fumes, and the costs are higher versus traditional solutions. During panting, the fumes have higher levels of toxicity, and you must wear protective equipment. It means that you need to be careful about the dangers during the application process and prepare for them appropriately. The paint and material costs are two times higher, and there is more preparation for the job. It increases what you are spending and takes more time to get ready before you start. Once you begin is when the real benefits can be seen in the quality, durability, and finish. 


Is it Right for You?

You have the option of saving money, spending significant amounts of time, and resources using traditional solutions. The problem is that the savings are only short-term and the continuing maintenance adds up. Electrostatic painting involves more setup, preparation, and safety precautions before, during, and after the job. Once it is finished, the quality is better, and you will not have to worry about continuous maintenance. These are factors you need to consider when determining if the electro alternative is suitable for you. 


Contact Us Today

Electrostatic painting has unique benefits that lead to better long-term results on the job you can’t find anywhere else. Call Steeltech Electropainting at 305-821-1988 and see how they can help you to find the best solutions for your project. Their years of experience, technical expertise, and knowledge make them the best in South Florida. 

Here’s How a High Performance Coasting System Can Benefit You

Many people do not realize that a high performance coating system, such as electropainting, is responsible for painting various surfaces. Chances are that you have seen a building or objected that got painted with this technique. Not only is it efficient, but it gives a high-quality finish. There are many reasons why businesses and individuals alike can benefit from this method of painting. To learn more about electrostatic painting and how Steeltech Electropainting can help you, see below.



Electrostatic painting gives clients plenty of customization with color. You can choose any color you want and any shade. Some people think the only way to get the perfect color of paint is to go the traditional route. However, mixing paints isn’t the only way. When our team uses a high performance coating system, such as electrostatic painting, you can get your perfect color. But that’s not all. You can also have the surface you wanted painted to have multiple colors. The spray method of electrostatic painting may seem as if it would keep you exclusive to one color. However, that’s not the case. Our team of experts is detail-oriented and can mix and match any colors you desire.

Saves Money


Many businesses or people will see an item chipping or starting to fade. And of course, after time, some people opt to get rid of or donate these fading objects. However, other options can save money while restoring the faded item. Some examples of the objects people replace instead of restoring are office furniture, canopy framing, metal fencing, staircases, storefronts, pharmaceutical equipment, desks, elevators, metal lockers, and more. While some of these items are more expensive than others, any money saved is a perk. Whether you can restore a desk or an elevator, it’s easier to have an electrostatic painter restore it rather than buying a new one. Needing to repaint something isn’t always a reason worth throwing something out. And the chances that our team can fix something is high. But to get more insight, we recommend reaching out.

No Down Time


Painting is usually a process. It starts with finding the right color, multiple layers of paint, then waiting for everything to dry. With a process this tedious, it’s no wonder people rush to throw out things when the paint chips. However, electrostatic painting, a high performance coating system, changes the game. With this type of painting method, you don’t have to worry about a lengthy process. The paint used dries quickly, keeping you operating. You can also use the object that got painted in no time. There is very limited downtime with this type of painting. You do not need to worry about shutting down for the day or being unable to maneuver or get work done.




If there’s one thing paint should be, it’s durable. If you are going through the effort to get something painted, you want it to last for the long term. Most painting methods are prone to chipping and general wear and tear. However, electrostatic painting is durable. With this kind of paint job, you do not need to worry much about wear and tear. And in the state of Florida, you can expect the most general painting to result in wear and tear. However, electrostatic paint does not break down the same way other paint does. The Florida weather and rainy season will not wipe it away or cause it to fade. By the time our team gets done, you can rest assured that your items and objects will remain painted and restored for the long run.

Contact Us Today!


Are any of your items or objects in need of a little painting touch-up? If so, electrostatic painting, a high performance coating system, is the way to go. Not only is this method affordable, saving you money on buying new objects, but it’s durable, saving you money in the long-term. You can also expect no downtime, making the process quick. You can have peace of mind that your day-to-day activities will not skip a beat. To learn more about our painting services, click here or give our team a call today at (305) 821-1988. Our team is looking forward to helping you out!

The Uses of High Performance Coating Systems


One of the biggest problems we all have when priming or finishing a surface is the painting and material don’t last. These are frequent problems most people just assume they have to get used to and perform routine maintenance to address them. Advancements in technology are changing this approach using what is known as high performance coating systems. These are paints and coatings that withstand the extreme pressure of the sun, wind, rain, and snow. It is standard in bridges, schools, playgrounds, buses, subways systems, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities. They blend the protection and colors to match the environment in a way that ensures you don’t worry about it coming off. There are numerous uses it provides to ensure your surface is protected for many years to come. 


  • Paint



Places where there are high amounts of traffic and people are ideal for high performance coating systems. They are perfect in facilities such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants by reducing the coats of paint. It can be washed repeatedly and does not peal or tear apart over a period of time. For commercial projects, these types of finishes are ideal and offer a level of protection you cannot find elsewhere. It is superior and perfect for them to ensure you only have to do the job once using a single coat. 


For example, in storage buildings, the walls are made up of concrete, masonry, and drywall. The high intensity of usage is a big problem and in most cases, requires continually repainting over a period of years. These solutions require less work by applying the paint in one coat and it can be washed with a hose and high pressure sprayer. There is no need to worry about it coming off and these techniques offer levels of protection that lasts for many years. 


  • Primer



In most cases, painting any type of surface requires using a primer to absorb into it and offer that added levels of protection against the elements. High performance coating systems uses a pressurized primer that is stronger than those in the marketplace to give that additional protection. Normally, it is applied as the first coat on surfaces such as drywall, concrete, and masonry. Then, a single coat of paint is sprayed on to give that professional look and feel with the durability you require. 



  • Minimizing Inventory



One of the biggest problems many contractors face is they must keep an inventory of various paints and primers. Most jobs require more than one coat and they don’t how much they will need until working on it. High-performance coatings use a multi-surface acrylic that is durable and flexible for different exterior and interior surfaces. It provides stain resistance on a variety of surfaces and is extremely flexible when a contractor is working on the job. The coatings are quick-drying and are ideal for hotels, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and schools. Contractors can buy just a small amount and it goes a long way in many different projects to offer the protection and quality they demand. 



  • Sealant



Any kind of finish requires having long-lasting protection that seals and prevents the elements from taking control. High-performance coatings contain epoxy that resists corrosion and protects the original material of the wood, metal, concrete, or drywall. These applications are useful in offering that additional sealant with one coat. In many cases, using traditional techniques, a primer, paint, and a sealant are applied in several coats to provide less protection for the surface. Then, it has to be repainted and sealed within a few years after finishing the job. High-performance coatings require one application to offer years of protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. 

High performance coating systems are the most effective solutions for finishing any project and give you extra protection levels. There are numerous uses for it, including paint, primer, sealant, and you maintain lower inventories. The result is it offers benefits you can’t find with traditional solutions in the marketplace. To learn more about it, check out our website or give our team a call today at (305) 821-1988.

Why Partner with Steeltech Electropainting to Update Your Metal Surfaces?

Let’s cut to the chase: Painting metal surfaces can be a huge pain. And it is even more difficult to get satisfactory results if it is exposed to the elements outdoors. Rollers and brushes are only an option if you *want* visible streaks, while latex and oil-based products are bound to bubble and peel when applied to intricate surfaces.

It is for these reasons and more that Steeltech Electropainting in Hialeah offers electrostatic painting, a smooth, durable finish on almost any metal surface, guaranteed to provide superior results. What is electrostatic painting? Very happy you asked!

Consider how a magnet sticks to the side of a refrigerator. This is a demonstration of positive and negative molecules being attracted. The metal in the refrigerator holds the negative molecules while the magnet is positively charged. This creates a pull between the two surfaces, as the molecules literally reach toward one another to connect. This is exactly how electrostatic painting works.

Electrostatic painting positively charges the paint molecules as they leave the spray nozzle. The paint is part of an electric field that directs it towards the negatively charged metal surface. This attraction between positive and negative molecules is 75x stronger than gravity…so strong that the paint sprayed slightly away from the metal surface will actually change direction to connect with the metal.

You see, the paint particles are attracted to the highest charge, which means droplets will be distributed evenly across every part of the surface without paint. This electrostatic process of painting differs from standard spray painting because of this magnetic attraction between the paint and the metal surface. Paint from a conventional sprayer generally goes where the gun is pointed, but there is a tremendous amount of overspray and it is difficult to maintain an even coating. Steeltech Electropainting ensures that the paint is attracted to the metal with magnetism, reducing overspray and uneven coatings…which is a game-changer.

The benefits of electrostatic painting apply to a variety of metal surfaces, including those used in retail facilities, medical equipment, machinery, industrial exteriors, and much more. What sort of benefits? Consider:

  • Electrostatic painting creates a smooth and protective coating that rivals Powder Coatings, but the electrostatic process is portable (powder coatings must be performed in a factory) and can be applied to refurbish existing metal hardware or appliances.
  • Electrostatic painting reduces paint loss with a 98% transfer rate. Typical paint sprayers top out at about 40% efficiency, with more overspray and paint drying in the air before it even hits the surface.
  • Electrostatic painting is not cheaper than other forms of painting, but it does add more value. As a result of its efficiency, most items only need one coat of paint. There’s also the added value of extending the life of metal fixtures with a quick coat of paint to look new and stay protected from rust and deterioration.
  • Most electrostatic painting projects are completed in a matter of hours directly at your home or business, and the drying time is nominal.
  • The color options are limitless, including customized paint colors to match existing surfaces.

Bottom line: Electrostatic painting is not only attracted to metal; it doesn’t clump or drip like conventional paint. The paint molecules being positively charged means they repel one another also, creating a fine mist that coats evenly for a sleek, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and hygienic. It resists stains and spills, and most cleaners can safely be used without damaging the coating.

If you have metal surfaces that need a new color specifically or a new look in general, or even if they are just beginning to rust or deteriorate, give the team at Steeltech Electropainting a call. Whether it’s office equipment, antique fixtures, outdoor storage, wrought-iron fencing, or whatever your project, electrostatic painting has a tremendous amount of advantages. However, it does require the right paint, equipment, and expertise to create the new surfaces you desire.

Contact us to learn more about our metal painting services, including interior and exterior surfaces for your home or business in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and throughout South Florida.

Make Your Old Business Furniture Look Like New Again with Electrostatic Painting

Does your commercial business have old metal equipment like lockers, cabinets, desks, partitions, restroom doors, elevator doors, merchandise cases, etc. that can use some freshening up? Don’t replace them just yet. Consider electrostatic painting an affordable option that will make all your office furnishings look new again. Electrostatic paint is a high-performance paint that uses the principles of science to deliver exceptional results. It acts like a balloon attracted to static electricity like when you rub it on your hair or a wall. The electrostatic painting process involves the use of a special electrostatic spray gun. It charges the material to be painted with a positive electrical charge to form a tight bond. When electrostatic paint is applied to products, paint particles form a strong bond delivering an even, high-quality finish without any drips, brush marks, or bubbling.

What are the benefits of electrostatic painting?

Does your chipped or faded metal office equipment or machinery need a fresh coat of paint or a new look? Instead of throwing away your perfectly functioning machinery and replacing it, there is another option. Electrostatic painting for machinery may be the answer for you. There are  benefits and advantages to working with electrostatic paint that may surprise you:

  • Fast-Drying. Electrostatic paint dries quickly overnight in most cases, and the thickness is easy to control. Your equipment can be up and ready for use in less than 24 hours.
  • Durable. This paint is extremely durable and unlike any other paint, you’ve ever used. The high-performance coating is resistant to harsh chemicals and corrosion. This coating provides a smooth, hard enamel finish.
  • Saves Money. This type of paint reduces overspray, and using less paint can save you time and money. Using electrostatic paint is also cost-effective because it can make old equipment look like new again at a fraction of what it costs to replace the equipment.
  • Saves Paint. You don’t have to use a lot here to get the desired effect. Minimal overspray or spattering will produce an even application.  It ensures that the paint lands on the equipment rather than the surfaces surrounding the equipment.
  • Resistant to Dirt. The electrostatic paint surface is resistant to dirt, spills, and stains and can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth. It can withstand use in the harshest environments and lasts for years because it will not corrode or rust.
  • Versatile. Electrostatic paint can be custom matched to any sample you supply, and it is available in a wide array of pleasing colors.

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If your company has old metal equipment or furniture that needs some cleaning up, but you can’t afford to replace, electrostatic painting is the perfect solution. Bear in mind that electrostatic painting is a specialized craft that is best left to a professional. With years of knowledge and a team of experts serving satisfied customers all across South Florida, Steeltech Electropainting is an industry leader and the first choice for electrostatic painting for your storefront, commercial building, or residence. Do your ugly metal pieces need some sprucing up? At Steeltech Electropainting, we make them look like they just came out of the factory. Our experienced technicians will bring your old metal pieces, machinery, and office furniture back to life! Call us at (305) 821-1988 today for a free quote. You can also visit our website at to view some of our exceptional work. You can read some of our glowing reviews and see why our customers always return. No job is too big or too small!  We are also available to do the work at your convenience. So, if you’ve been thinking about throwing that old metal cabinet in your garage away—don’t trash it—let us rehash it with electrostatic paint!

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