Electrostatic Painting (ESP) and Restoration Services

Since 1974 Steeltech Electropainting, Inc.® has been a trusted name in electrostatic painting (ESP) and restoration services for renowed businesses within Florida.  We strive to deliver quality solutions that can make a facility, equipment and machinery, furniture, store fronts, railings, window and door frames to list a few, look and feel new again.  With our services our customers receive cost effective options that make their property and assets valuable again, and with our specialty coatings we extend the durability, we increase the performance, and improve the overall aesthetics of virtually everything we touch.

Whether it is for commercial applications, for industrial and educational institutions, or for the hospitality industry, our company is equipped, experienced and ready to provide a wide range of restoration choices that will stand the test of time, and harsh environmental conditions to list a few.

There are many advantages that result from working with our skilled professionals. Some of them include:

Superior workmanship

Factory-like appearance of substrates

Premium paints for best results

Custom color matching services

Coatings and products that are non toxic

No drips, no overspray, no mess

Minimal disruption of business operations

Work completed on-site

Licensed, experienced & reliable team

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