What Are the Benefits of Kynar?

high performance coating system

Kynar is a polyvinylidene fluoride and has become very popular over the last decade as an alternative in exterior high-performance coating systems. It is typically applied by dipping or spraying techniques.

This article aims to help you understand what exactly Kynar is and the benefits of using it so that you can decide whether it suits your electrostatic painting needs.

1. Environmentally Friendly

As we know, today, the world faces rising pollution due to the indiscriminate use of chemicals and toxic materials. Kynar is water-based, thus making it environmentally friendly.

In addition to this, it is non-combustible compared to other conventional spray paints. Thus, eliminating fire hazards and explosion risks associated with these paints.

2. Good Adhesion to Metal

When applied to metal surfaces, Kryon has higher adhesion values than normal polyurethane-based coatings. This makes Kryon suitable for all vehicles, including commercial trucks, buses, off-road equipment, marine vessels, and industrial applications

3. Vibrant Appearance

Due to its superior weathering properties and its resistance against UV radiation provide a vibrant appearance when exposed to sunlight. The paint dries quickly, especially if there is good surface preparation.

However, you should note that it starts to chip after some exposure. Also, it may require extra attention during application.

4. Resistant to Corrosion

Another benefit of using Kynar is that it resists corrosion. Since it is 100% acrylic, it helps prevent rusting and pitting problems resulting from acid rain and humidity. Its special cross-linking structure prevents the formation of galvanic cells between different metals.

5. No Clean up

Unlike many traditional paint solutions, there’s absolutely no cleanup required for Kynar. While it doesn’t react well with acidic substances like ammonia, it’s compatible with alcohol, bleach, ammonia, common household cleaners, and even coffee!

6. Lightfast Properties

Concerning light fastness, Kynar is similar to the ordinary enamel finish paint. It showed excellent results when tested under high-pressure sodium vapor lamps at a specified angle: 98% light transmittance still existed after 1,000 hours of testing. Under the same conditions, ordinary enamel finished showed only 70% remaining.

7. Wide Range of Color Options

Kryon’s wide range of colors is unique to acrylic resins and has particularly in automotive applications. Because of their ability to withstand heat, they also make ideal candidates for outdoor applications. These qualities make them useful for several exterior high-performance coating systems.

8. High-Impact Resistance

This means that the impact performance meets or exceeds ASTM D 6016 standards for automotive sheet metal. Kryon is one of those best products with good finishing and durability compared to other paints.

The main reason behind this is that Kryon is made of 100% acrylic resin-based material. Therefore, it prevents dust particles from entering the panel and leads to a smooth finish over the painted surface.

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