What is Coraflon and How Can You Benefit From Using It?

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Powder coating over metal surfaces is essential to ensure their durability and longevity. However, powder coating over metal used in construction is more important than other metal surfaces. Metal structures used in construction are exposed to different temperatures throughout the year. Besides the changing weather, these structural elements are also exposed to environmental factors. Without powder coating, metal structures in construction can rust and weaken over time, resulting in the collapse of the property.

What is Coraflon?

Coraflon is a premium brand powder coating system. It is described by the brand as “a breakthrough in powder coating technology” and is the latest among the high performance coating systems. It is FGIA/AAMA 2605 compliant, and it provides multiple benefits when used. Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of Coraflon.

Benefits of Using Coraflon

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Benefits of using exterior high performance coating systems, i.e., Coraflon, include:

Increased Durability

Powder coating is more durable than other options when it comes to steel coating. Settling the powder onto the metal surface is called curing. As the powder cures, it forms high-strength chemical bonds that add to the strength of the metal. Since Corflon is the premium quality powder coating technology, it results in a stronger metal surface compared to other powder coating techniques. The resulting surface becomes highly resistant to flaking and scratching.

Greater Customization

Powder coating provides enhanced customization for metal surfaces. Powder coating can result in several different finishes, textures, and colors for the metal surface. However, Coraflon powder coating technology has been introduced with an even greater variety of colors and textures. Coraflon is now available in new color palettes with matte anodized finishes for greater customization potential for the customers.

Reduced Cost

Powder coating is a cost-effective procedure. It uses electromagnetic energy for powder molecules to bond with each other. During a powder coating procedure, there is usually about zero waste. Moreover, the quantity of the material bought is tailored to the job, further saving money. Standard powder coating materials are also cheaper than paints.

But the increased strength and durability of Coraflon make powder coating further cost-effective. The brand provides a 20-year warranty for the Coraflon Platinum powder coating technique, resulting in savings on maintenance and repair of the metal structural elements for two decades.

Environmentally Safe

Powder coating is an environmentally safe method. Since the method doesn’t utilize any environmentally toxic chemicals or solvents, it is safer than paints.

Coraflon Platinum improves powder coating technology by making it environmentally safer. It contains no triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), fluorosurfactants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), or Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List substances. Coraflon Platinum is also REACH compliant and free of the substance of very high concern (SVHC). By releasing no chemicals and toxins in the air, Coraflon helps reduce the construction’s carbon footprint.

However, it is advised to wear protective gear, especially over the eyes and hands, to avoid any unfortunate incidents during powder coating.

Increased Efficiency

An entire metal surface, big or small, is powder-coated altogether. Expert professionals always know how much powder to apply depending on the size of the metal surface for an exterior high performance coating system. This makes powder coating efficient as it further reduces the cost and even saves time.

Coraflon Platinum is even more efficient than standard powder coating methods. It has an increased transfer efficiency of up to 20% compared to standard powder, resulting in less touch-up and reduced waste.

Easy Maintenance

Coraflon Platinum, and even standard powder coating, is easier to maintain in the long run. They don’t require any special cleaners or solvents. As they are scratch and rust-free, metal surfaces with powder coating can be easily cleaned with soapy water when stained.

High Quality

Powder coating creates better-looking metal surfaces compared to paint. Since the powder is in solid form and binds in the solid-state, they create a smoother finish. There is no need for second tries with powder coating, so the surfaces stay even. On the other hand, painted metal surfaces can be uneven and unsightly due to paint drips or runs.

Finally, Coraflon Platinum powder coatings are backed by years of research, third-party testing data, and 4,000 hours of cyclic corrosion testing. For Coraflon Platinum high performance coating systems in your property’s structural elements, reach out to a trusted electro painter such as SteelTech Electro Painting Inc.

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