Things to Know About Electrostatic Painting

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If you’re thinking about buying your condo or home, you should be aware of all that goes into finishing your own home. Condos, apartments, and homes which you buy are never done all the way. To make your purchased condo or apartment a more homely place and a better reflection of your aesthetic better, you will likely have to conduct a lot of work into doing so. 

Even when we get a perfect structure in which everything is built and maintained well, we may find some finishing touches that we might have to make to ensure that the house or condo is livable and reflects who we are as people. One of the most significant ways to do this is by painting your home, or you’re the surfaces in your home.  Electrostatic painting is one of how you can conduct finishing on your new home. It is a relatively novel method, so it comes with all sorts of cool enhancements to your home. 

However, before you get done with anything, you must have enough information about the electrostatic painting. 

What is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic is a term used for a particular type of coating application equipment. It was developed in 1938 by a man named Ransburg. He developed a system where you can apply an electric charge to a stream of paint and the surface on which they were painting on. It uses a principle of charge which states that opposite charges attract. The opposing charges create a sheet of coat and paint, allowing very little paint to be wasted.

Electrostatic forces of attraction are a law that states that negative and positive charges are attracted to each other. So if this same charge is given to two separate entities, they have chances of being attracted to each other too. Electrostatic painting applies this principle to save money and get the paint job done efficiently. 

Where is Electrostatic Painting Used?

You may not have heard about electrostatic painting, but it has been around for a long time. People have used it for all kinds of features. But recently, we’ve heard about the notion of electrostatic painting for condo associations, which is a feature by which they use electrostatic forces to paint metal surfaces. 

In the past, electrostatic painting was only used to ensure that metal pieces like bike frames with many hard-to-reach edges and corners could be painted, including every nook and cranny.  It can be used to paint any surfaces which are conductive of electricity. However, its drawback is also that you can’t coat non-conductive surfaces utilizing this form of painting. 

What are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting?

The reason electrostatic painting for condo associations is gaining so much popularity is that it has many benefits. We have mentioned some of the benefits of this process below. 

  • It is Efficient 

The process involves charged particles from a spray that can go to a conversely charged particle on a metal surface. There is an electrostatic force applied here, which creates a special lane for the paint particles to meet their target.  You don’t have to move the paint sprayer around a lot as the surface itself catches the paint in places that it is charged. 

For example, electrostatic painting for condo associations generally involves many gates and fences in the entire gated community. These fences and gates are difficult to paint, and electrostatic painting can help with this. 

  • It Wastes Less Paint 

Since there is a general attraction between the paint and the surface you’re painting, the paint is less likely to fall onto areas that don’t have a charge.  It creates less wastage and also allows for less of an environmental impact. The low waste also means that it doesn’t take a lot of energy to be formulated as less paint wasted means less energy wasted. 

  • It is Durable

Electrostatic painting helps create a coat of paint that is less likely to wear down or fade with time. This fact means that even if the coating is relatively thin, you’ll use it for a long time. The coating is difficult to break through.

  • It Has an Even Finish

Things aren’t aesthetically pleasing if the finish isn’t glossy or final. In your home or condo, you would want there to be aesthetically pleasing finishes as this refines the entire look of your home and electrostatic painting does this in the best and most efficient way possible. 

Final Thoughts 

Electrostatic painting for condo associations may be a wise way to go about beautifying your neighborhood. There are many benefits to electrostatic painting as we’ve seen. However, it’s necessary that the company you’re having the service rendered by is aware of the optimum method of going about the procedure. Steeltech Electropainting is a company based in Florida that has been around for years and prides itself on its fine polishing and finishing using electrostatic painting. 

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