The Differences Between Electrostatic Painting and Powder Coating

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Many people think that they can use Electrostatic Painting and Powder Coating interchangeably. This is not the case. Although the two processes are very similar and use electrical charges to paint metal surfaces, they are not the same. In fact, electrostatic painting can offer you a few advantages compared to powder coating.

If you are unsure which option to go for, read ahead and see the differences between electrostatic painting and powder coating.

Ready to Go Paint Vs. Paint that Needs to Be Cured

The main difference between electrostatic painting and a powder coating is that electrostatic paint is ready to go and dries quickly on the surface of the painted object. In contrast, powder coating needs to be cured in an oven at high temperatures.

All Metals Can Be Painted Vs. Only Certain Metals Can Be Painted

Electrostatic paint is suitable for all metals and can be used on large surfaces and surfaces with difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies. The same is not the case for Powder Coating. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, the object that is being painted has to be the right size to fit into an oven so that the paint can be cured. Next, it has to be a material that can withstand temperatures up to 385 degrees Fahrenheit. Powder coating would not suit a wall-like metal surface that cannot be moved or a weaker metal object that can get warped or meltdown in the oven.

On-site Painting Vs. at The Shop Painting

Because of the curing process that powder coating requires, powder coating cannot be done on-site. All objects that need to be painted have to be transported to the shop. This can cause delays and extra time and money needed for transport. Electrostatic painting, on the other hand, can be done entirely on-site. It can also be done at the shop if it is more convenient for the clients, meaning more options.

No Downtime Vs. Disruptions to Regular Business

For electrostatic painting, nothing has to be moved out of its place or taken to a second location to be painted, which means there is little to no downtime. The clients can go about their day while the painters work and when the objects are drying. As for powder coating, any object that needs to be painted will have to be at the shop for at least 24 hours, considering curing time and transport time. If any of these objects are essential for everyday business, there can be delays and disruptions.

A Thin Even Finish Vs. a Thicker Finish

A powder coating can give you a durable and even finishing of paint, but the coating is quite thick and can be susceptible to cracks and chips. If you were hoping for a thinner coat of paint, then powder coating is not the right option for you because attempting to thin a powder coat can lead to patchiness and an uneven finish. On the other hand, electrostatic painting gives you a thin and even coating along all the object surfaces that lasts long and is durable.

A Pristine Finish Vs. Chances of Damage During Transport

Electrostatic paint is sprayed onto an object, and then the object is left in its place to dry without being handled or moved around. As for powder spray, the object has to be transported first to the shop, then the oven once it has been painted, and then back to its location. During all of this transport, there is a chance that your objects might be at risk of damage.

Keeping in mind all of the differences that we have stated between electrostatic painting and powder coating, we suggest you go for electrostatic painting.

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