Enjoy a Smooth Seamless Painted Finish With On Location Electrostatic Painting in Hialeah

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Electrostatic painting is a specialized kind of coating that differs from standard spray painting due to the magnetic attraction between the paint and the metal surface. If you try to paint metal with regular latex or oil-based paints, it may require many coats and probably bubble or peel. You’ll be pleased to learn that electrostatic paint needs only one coat!  Finally, you can breathe new life into rusty lockers, desks, iron fences, swing sets, antique bathtubs, and any commercial metal equipment that needs a new face. Using this fantastic magnetic surface paint that provides a smooth, non-streaking surface finish every time, you’ll have your pieces looking factory-new once again!  If you’ve never considered this type of painting or it’s new to you, then you are about to be wowed. Electrostatic painting is an affordable and superior choice to bring your metal pieces back to life! It’s perfect for commercial uses such as locker doors, bathroom stalls, elevator doors, signs, and more. To learn more about this cost-effective durable method of painting, Steeltech Electropainting, Inc. in Hialeah, is the top company to call. We are considered the industry leader in one location electrostatic painting for everything from furniture and office equipment to windows, fences, railings, and more.

What are the many benefits of Electrostatic Painting?

  • Make rusty old items look new again. Whether it is an old metal antique cabinet in your home or metal office equipment you just inherited at your new business, you can restore all these usable items and more with only one electrostatic paint coat. 
  • On-site process. Most metal pieces have to be sent out to a factory to be refurbished. But with on-location electrostatic painting, your piece can be painted conveniently right in your home or office. That’s because the paint is portable and can be used on-site to beautify all your treasured antique metal pieces or aged office equipment. 
  • Variety of color choices – electrostatic paints come in a wide range of colors, including customized electrostatic paint colors that you can match to the surfaces of your pieces.
  • Seamless smooth finish. The beauty of electrostatic paint is that it will not clump, bubble, or drip. One coat is usually all that you’ll need to breathe new life into that treasured antique bathtub.
  • Durable and long-lasting finish. Electrostatic paint is non-porous, which means it is easy to clean and very hygienic. Most household cleaners can clean bacteria and germs from these surfaces without causing damage. 
  • Extending the life of metal items. With a quick coat of electrostatic paint, metal items look new again and are protected for years from rust and deterioration.
  • Reduced paint overspray. When you spray paint a surface with regular acrylic paint, a lot of paint sprays into the air and is wasted before it hits your intended surface. Electrostatic paint typically performs at an amazing 98% transfer rate, so you don’t lose much of this product at all. 
  • Affordable Option. As mentioned, the spray from electrostatic paint is efficient, so that translates to money saved. Electrostatic paint is not necessarily cheaper than other types of paint, but due to its quality and efficiency—it goes on so evenly that you only need one coat; therefore, you save time and money.

How do I find out more?

When it comes to painting your precious antiques, metal fences, or kids swing set you inherited from your neighbor; you want to make it stand out and look as good as possible. At Steeltech Electropainting, Inc., we make it very convenient for you to revive your pieces and make then look new again because we come to you.  Let us make your metal items look new again! On location, electrostatic painting in your home or business is just so convenient! When you hire a professional like the team at Steeltech Electropainting, Inc., in Hialeah, rest assured that you are getting the benefit of an industry leader and a family run business that will make your project our number one priority. Call us toll-free today at (800) 638-4413 for a free quote and learn how electrostatic painting and its many uses can benefit you in your business, school, or home.

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