5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Electrostatic Paint Company

Electrostatic Painting Machinery

Electrostatic painting has become very popular because it requires no primer coat and can be applied over existing wallpaper. It also provides a long-lasting finish that won’t crack or peel. The process involves applying a special coating to the wall then spraying the design onto the surface.

When hiring an electrostatic company, consider these five things before signing a contract.

1. Experience

Experience is one of the most important factors when choosing an electrostatic contractor for your project. Check references from past customers. Ask if they are happy with their experience.

If you have problems with the contractor after work begins or at the Powdercoating stage, don’t hesitate to ask them to stop immediately. Call previous clients who have used this service, so you know what to expect.

If possible, talk to people that the company hired. Find out more information about the business, including any licensing issues, insurance requirements, and customer reviews.

2. References

Ask for at least three references from other customers who had already worked with the company in question. You should find out how many applications they did in a year.

If they only do two to four jobs per month, that may not be enough time to give you quality work. Also, check the number of projects completed since they started doing the work. See whether they keep records of the job numbers.

Companies charge different rates depending on the size of the painted area, Powdercoating, or the amount of material needed for its application. If they do not provide you with all of these details upfront, ask for written estimates.

3. Licensing

An electrostatic painting company must have proper license credentials before allowing them to start working on the job. They should state clearly if they need your permission to begin working on the job.

Don’t sign anything until you have thoroughly read the agreement and understand everything stated there. You should also make sure they have a Workers Compensation Insurance policy up to date.

Ask if the company has liability coverage. In case of accidents or injuries, they could be held liable. A good company with liability coverage is essential to protect you and your family against possible personal injury and property damage.

4. Employees

Typically, electrostatic painting requires high skills, and thus you should hire a reputable company that hires qualified employees. Ensure they have been trained well enough to carry out the task properly. Many schools offer coursework regarding electrostatic painting, which covers all aspects of the work, including safety regulations.

5. Safety precautions

Check whether they cover themselves during the process. Ensure the workers wear protective gear like masks, gloves, and closed-toed shoes before starting the work.

You must ensure that they follow standard procedures and ensure complete safety throughout the work. These include wearing protection and having a clean workspace free from flammable materials.


Choosing an electrostatic paint contractor can sometimes prove difficult. Choosing the right metal painting company is very important because it affects your entire home improvement project.

Be sure to choose a service provider who meets all your needs, such as budget, location, etc. Also, be sure to contact us right away if you have any questions or schedule an appointment for our services.

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