Which Paint Is Best for Your Impact Doors and Windows?

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Whether you are running a small business or oversee a large commercial building, the appearance of impact doors and windows Becomes worn out over time because they are constantly being exposed to the elements. Experts in electrostatic painting in Miami and nationwide recommend electrostatic painting as a means for restoring your impact windows and doors because this method of painting offers a wide array of benefits.

Provides a Smooth and Durable Finish

Electrostatic painting, also referred to as electrostatic coating is a highly advanced industrial method of painting that relies solely on magnetic attraction. the magnetic attraction is strong enough that all the paint particles are attracted to the surface that is being painted making it ideal for reaching areas that are difficult with other methods of painting such as spraying, rolling or brushing. The magnetic attraction allows for the even distribution of the paint particles providing a smooth finish. This finish is durable as it protects metal against salt residue, rust and other types of corrosion. Electrostatic painting also makes surfaces resistant to dirt and oil facilitating easier cleaning. Because this method of painting provides a well-polished finish and is long lasting, it is most ideal for coating impact windows and doors on homes and commercial buildings, electrostatic coating is used for providing finishes to automobiles, and it is also used to coat fences, railings and lamp posts.

Less Waste

Electrostatic painting is also less messy than other painting methods. Overspray is minimal, and paint is far less likely to end up on surfaces where it does not belong.

The Electrostatic Painting Process

Before you can have your impact doors and windows painted, you need a consultation. If you are in Miami, you will need to contact a variety of companies offering electrostatic painting services in Miami to obtain quotes, ask about their policies and procedures and their customer satisfaction guarantee. Once you have found a company that provides electrostatic painting in Miami that meets your qualifications, you are ready for electrostatic coating work to begin.

The electrostatic paint restoration service process first begins with the surfaces being thoroughly cleaned as clean surfaces will ensure a high-quality paint job. Once the surface Has been thoroughly cleaned, the painters will apply primer. After applying the primer, the painter will use a specialized paint gun and stand at a specific distance from the surface that is being painted to ensure that all paint particles are evenly distributed. The paint dries in only a few hours, and it will totally cure within 24 hours.

If work is needed to enhance or restore the appearance of your impact windows and doors, contact Steeltech Electropainting straight away. We are well-known for providing top-quality electrostatic painting services in Miami, and we strive for excellence.

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