What Applications Are Best For Electrostatic Paint?

Electrostatic Painting Machinery

Electrostatic painting is a superior painting technique that employs positively charged paint particles using a paint gun to cover flat metallic planes.

The process is very efficient because the paint particles stick very easily to the grounded metal plane, leading to a clean and professional coating on surfaces like railings and windows.

The coating is superior to the paintbrush and even rollers because it is more even, and there is little to no wastage.

In cases where you’re unable to do it yourself, a metal painting company can finish your job professionally with a decorative finish.

Applications For Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is commonly used in the automotive industry but is ideal for home and business use.

When dealing with larger surfaces like metal fencing, windows or doors, it is hard to take these objects for powder coating, so electrostatic painting is the easier option.

You can apply electrostatic paint to most metallic surfaces, and it is often used for interior and exterior decorations, like indoor staircases and even tables and chairs.

For most electrostatic applications, you can expect to use oil-based paint thinned using certain chemicals to make it the correct consistency for painting metallic surfaces.

Water-based paints are not suited for electrostatic painting unless you take certain precautions and prepare extensively.

You can expect to find a list of all paint types especially suited to specific surfaces, making painting easier for those attempting it for the first time.

All paint colors are available for electrostatic painting, which means you’re not missing anything by choosing this superior painting technique.

It is especially suited for the automotive industry because it is a fast process with minimum wastage, and it efficiently covers uneven surfaces.

The quality of painting required for cars is very detailed and highly controlled, and electrostatic painting does not even require humans to do the job. Robots that can easily automate the process have been assigned this duty, saving up a lot of time.

Accuracy and attention to detail are unparalleled, making electrostatic painting applications much superior to conventional techniques.

Electrostatic Painting vs. Powder Coating

Powder coating can be considered a form of electrostatic painting. Although there is a distinction between the two, the process itself is separate.

Powder coating and electrostatic painting employ similar electronic charge devices for smooth coating on a grounded metal plane, and both are ideal for decorative finishes on uneven metallic objects.

In terms of differences between the two, powder coating employs a dry powder and needs to be baked to temperatures over 400 degrees, causing the dry powder to melt, which is called a hot curing process.

On the other hand, electrostatic painting employs a wet applied covering, which produces a thin and color-matched finish.

For electrostatic painting, you can expect to pay 50 USD to 100 USD an hour, whereas the powder coating cost depends on the particular piece.

Powder coating is only practised in the shop and produces a thicker layer instead of electrostatic painting, which can be done on-site and employs a thin layer finish.

Steeltech Electropainting Inc. provides an excellent service at fair rates in your area if you cannot manage the job by yourself and need the aid of a professional.

The Electrostatic Painting Procedure

Specialized electrostatic guns are used for the electrostatic painting procedure comprising a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLV) sprayer, which efficiently coats uneven grounded metal surfaces.

The supplies are similar for all painting jobs, such as masking materials and thinners.

A metal painting company takes specific steps, which include:

Site inspection, after which a quote is established.

Booking appointments largely depends on your time of availability as companies work around this at your convenience.

Masking the area so that the paint only sticks to the chosen surface.

Grounding the metal so that excess charge can flow into the ground.

Paint application, which is done smoothly to cover the object effectively.

Wiping off the masking materials so that there are no remnants and removal of any equipment.

Paint dries up easily in a few hours, but the total curing time can take up a whole day.

A professional from a metal painting company will provide details for when it is safe to touch the surface and resume your regular activity.

Final Verdict

Electrostatic painting is a superior technique with certain advantages over powder coating and is an excellent solution for your metal surface coating needs.

Other conventional painting procedures cannot provide the level of finish required for uneven metallic planes, which is why electrostatic painting is the ideal solution.

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