The Difference Between Electrostatic Painting And Powder Coating

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A common question we get from customers is whether electrostatic painting is the same as powder coating. Both painting processes are similar, but electrostatic paint is the superior option. This is why our refinishers use the electrostatic process as an alternative to costly replacements for equipment and products that have aluminum, metal, or other challenging surfaces that is impossible to refinish with conventional paints. The result is a smooth finish and a product that can be used for many more years.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating uses an electrical charge to attract the negative properties in the metal surface to be painted. In this way, powder coating and electrostatic paint are the same. Where powder coating differs is in the next step of the process. The metal object must then be placed in an oven to bake so it can cure. As a result, the process must be done at the shop, rather than having the painters come to you. This can pose a problem if the object you need to be painted is an elevator located in your building. Furthermore, only objects that can withstand temperatures of 385 degrees Fahrenheit can be painted.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits to using powder coating. For example, it:

  • Has a dense, sturdy finish, making the product more durable
  • Can be done quickly and efficiently
  • Leaves an incredibly smooth and even finish on all surfaces
  • Is environmentally friendly

What is the downside of this painting process? As previously mentioned, it requires an oven along with a lot of other materials and equipment to complete the job. Additionally, the complexity of the process makes it very expensive. Finally, if you need a thin finish, powder coating isn’t for you. The coating always goes on thick and attempting to thin it usually results in an uneven finish.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

Much like its alternative, painting electrostatically uses positively charged particles that attract to the negative particles on the surface of the object being painted. This allows the paint to wrap around the object, creating a durable, smooth finish. The paint is attracted to the metal from every direction, which significantly minimizes waste from overspray. If you need an iron fence to be painted, doing so electrostatically will prevent mess on the surrounding area.

Additionally, it can cure the object without heat, so no high temperature is necessary. Without the need for an oven, projects can be completed at our shop or on-site at your business/residence. Steeltech Electropainting, Inc.® will send a team of experienced craftsmen to electrostatically apply high-performance coating primers and finishes tailored to meet the needs of each individual substrate. Leaving a finish that is equal to or in most cases superior to a factory finish.

The benefits don’t stop there. Painting electrostatically gives you:

  • More color options than powder coating
  • More control over the thickness of the paint, so it creates a thin finish
  • More money in your pocket, as it’s more affordable

Bottom Line

The painting application you choose will depend on what you need to be painted. However, if you want more color options, a thinner application, and you need the job to be performed on-site, then you will benefit most from electrostatic paint. Additionally, it is more affordable, which is an important consideration if you have a budget. When you contact our professionals at Steeltech, ask for their opinion on the best finishing method for your project.

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