Restore Your Old Equipment With Electrostatic Paint

High Performance Coating Systems

Steeltech electrostatic painting can return all your hard coat polished items to brand new. This includes aluminum, art sculptures, stainless steel, brass, nickel, chrome and more. These materials can quickly show their age due to the oxidization process and years of neglect. Instead of hiding your old items in the attic or throwing them away, let us restore them with our high performance coating systems.

Electrostatic paint harnesses positively charged ions that wrap securely around the negatively charged metal surface. The science behind it creates a perfectly smooth surface with minimum overspray and waste, making it ideal in the automotive industry. You don’t have to be in the auto industry to benefit.  Electrostatic paint can also be used to restore objects in your home or business. Were you planning on throwing out your old office file cabinet? Don’t waste money buying new- restore the old cabinet instead. Why put your aluminum chaise lounge set out on the street? Instead, restore it to its original condition with a healthy coat of electrostatic paint.

Five Benefits Of Electrostatic Paint

Our high performance coating systems can essentially be used like spray paint but without the overspray. Its use offers many benefits, but here are the five main benefits of using it.

  • Electrostatic paint is like a standard spray paint, but unlike many painting processes, it doesn’t have volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that can cause headaches and make you dizzy. Additionally, it doesn’t have hazardous pollutants (HAP’s) that have numerous environmental and health risks.
  • It’s characterized as a dry painting system, as it typically dries within 12-24 hours depending on the surface. However, most items are dry to the touch in just two hours, reducing downtime and allowing you to quickly put your equipment to use.
  • There is practically no waste involved. The spray gun on electrostatic paint charges the particles so they attract to the metal surface like a magnet to metal. As a result, the paint sprays directly onto the surface, with less than five percent of spray ending up elsewhere. This is what engineers dubbed “high transfer efficiency.”
  • Unlike standard paint, it sticks well to metal surfaces and strengthens the material, making it impervious to oxidation and rust. Not only can you keep your old aluminum, steel, brass, etc. equipment, but you’re also restoring it to a new condition and strengthening its surface. Even if your equipment is exposed to harsh conditions, like bad weather, it can last several more years.
  • It can save you money by restoring a costly item that you were about to throw away. The right paint (and refinisher) can extend the life of your neglected, worn equipment and may even strengthen it so you don’t have to throw it away for years to come.

Why Choose A Professional

You may be able to buy high performance coating systems and attempt the paint job on your own, but even if the paint is more durable than standard paint, it will lack the quality of professional products. We use paint of the highest quality and thickness, as this increases durability. Furthermore, our years of experience makes a big difference in the final result.

At Steeltech, our company is family-owned and operated with a team of skilled refinishers. They are licensed and insured with years of industry experience, handling a variety of different projects for architects, CEOs, building supervisors, facility manages and designers. Their work includes electrostatic painting, metal polishing, buffing, and refinishing so you don’t have to replace your:

  • Storefronts
  • Railings
  • Office furniture
  • Metal fencing
  • Staircases
  • Elevator doors and frames
  • Fall cabinets
  • Metal lockers
  • Much more!

Nothing compares to a high-quality product coupled with unsurpassed skills. So, while you may think you can handle the paint job yourself, it’s strongly advised that you leave it to the professionals to achieve the best value.

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Now that you see the benefits of high performance coating systems, let the team at Steeltech take care of your worn hard coat polished items. We provide on location electrostatic painting (ESP) services conducted by experienced and professional technicians who have the skills to follow all the necessary safety precautions and surface preparation. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Call 800-638-4413.

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