Electrostatic Painting for Hialeah Businesses

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Electrostatic painting is a process that involves applying an aqueous solution of acrylic paints and coating materials onto an object with either arcing or low-voltage electricity. The electrostatic charge then serves as the paint for that object, creating a pattern that reflects light differently than regular paints do. Here are a few benefits of electropainting on medical and pharmaceutical equipment in Hialeah, FL.


Preserve the Medical Equipment

The biggest benefit of using electropainting on medical equipment is preserving the equipment. Because the paints do not stick to the object, they are easily removable. They are also durable and can last for years without fading. This is especially important for pharmaceutical equipment, which has a short lifespan and must be disposed of quickly after use.


High Quality

Because electrostatic painting only uses electricity to paint, it produces a very high-quality paint job without any harmful chemicals. This makes electropainting ideal for medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment that must meet strict standards for cleanliness and sterility. The paints used in electropainting are also FDA-approved. They can be used on medical equipment with little to no risk of contamination.


Improve the Aesthetic Appeal

The most apparent benefit of electropainting is that it improves the aesthetic appeal of the equipment. Because the paints are applied through an electric charge, they adhere to the equipment and do not fall off when touched. This means that there is no need to worry about any paint chips or flakes that make the objects look dirty or unkempt. Electropainting also allows for better color matching than other forms of painting because it allows for custom color mixes and blending between different colors.


Easily Removable

Because electropainting only uses electricity to bond with objects, it can easily be removed by reversing the process with another electric charge. This makes electrostatic painting ideal for medical equipment, which needs to be cleaned regularly and may need to change colors as patients come in from different hospital areas where different colors are used. Electropainting also does not leave behind any residue after removal.


Cost Effective

Electropainting is also cost-effective because it allows for more efficient use of the equipment. The paint can be applied in layers, so it is possible to apply multiple colors to an object without having to strip away the previous layer first. This also means that objects can be easily changed from one color scheme to another or from one design to another. And since the equipment does not need to be stripped before re-painting, there is no extra labor involved.

Electropainting is a very efficient way to paint. It is also an inexpensive method, and it produces a high-quality product. Contact Steeltech Electropainting today to learn more about electropainting. We will educate you on using and preserving the painting on your medical equipment.

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