Benefits of Using High-Performance Coating Systems On Metal Surfaces

Electrostatic Painting Machinery

When you need a more durable, higher quality paint, consider an upgrade to high-performance coating systems. High-performance paint is better at standing up to wear and tear than conventional coating. 

Aside from the ability to withstand harsher conditions, it can also be applied to tough materials, such as aluminum and steel, and can be applied to surfaces like copper and brass. 

At Steeltech Electropainting, we can say from experience that electrostatic spray painting is the preferred option. Few people know what it does or how to operate it, which is why you should leave paint jobs to the professionals. 

Whether you do the job on your own or have it professionally done, the result is earth-shattering.

Its efficacy is driven by the science of opposites attracting one another, the paint is negatively charged, while the metal surface is positive. This creates a resilient bond for a long-lasting finish. 

You may be tempted to try it with other materials, but it won’t work as well. 

For example, electrostatic paint doesn’t work on wood. It’s ideal for painting automobiles and all metal objects. Without further ado, let’s check out its many advantages.

Dries Quickly

When you want the job done quickly, this is one of the fastest high-performance coating systems. After completing your paint job, it dries in as fast as two hours. 

Think about the convenience of taking your car in for a paint job with a two-hour turnaround. Or if you’re in a business environment, and you need to quickly polish the elevator doors, staircase, or restroom partitions, just contact Steeltech Electropainting and we’ll be in and out before you know it.  

High-Quality Results

There is truly no other option for painting metal. 

The magnetic bond between the positive and negative particles creates a smooth finish you can’t find with other coatings. It creates a nonporous finish, making all surfaces immune to bacteria and mold, even in harsh conditions. 

This is an important feature for everyone, especially business owners who rely on hygienic applications to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers.  


You may think high-performance coating systems are expensive when compared to standard paints. But not only does it get the job done, but it will also reduce the necessary maintenance by seeping deeper into the surface’s molecules. 

There is little maintenance involved when using electrostatic paint, and no need for a primer before the first coat, yet it can last up to ten years. This is largely because it prevents corrosion and other common damages. 

That means it can also save you a bundle on repairs.

Less Overspray

When hiring a professional to complete a job with exterior high-performance coating systems, or whether you do it yourself, overspray is always an obstacle. 

If the spray gets on nearby buildings and cars, you end up paying for the damages. Even with insurance, the deductible can be hundreds of dollars. 

Fortunately, electrostatic systems can transfer 98 percent of the paint to the object being painted, significantly reducing overspray.

Hire a Professional for Increased Longevity

Again, few people have ever heard of electrostatic painting and even fewer know how to effectively operate it. To ensure the longevity of your metal surfaces, it’s strongly advised that you have them treated by a professional. 

The quality of the paint will strengthen the object, no matter what, but when applied with an expert hand, it has a better chance of withstanding high customer traffic, the elements, and other harsh conditions (i.e., moist, humid locker rooms).

When you want the absolute best, not only should you use the best product, but it should be operated by the best professionals. We have been in operation for over ten years, and in that time we’ve garnered the trust of thousands of Florida’s most successful architects, facility managers, CEOs, office managers, building supervisors, and designers. 

They all rely on the quality and performance of the Steeltech Electropainting crew.

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