Powder Coating vs Electrostatic Painting

Spray gun powder coating steel

Electrostatic painting has some similarities with powder coating, but they have enough differences to be considered two completely different methods. This biggest difference is that electrostatic painted items do not need to be put in an oven to cure. Continue reading to learn how electrostatic painting excels over powder coating.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting is a technique where magnetic charges are used to bond paint to a surface. Positively charged ions in the paint are paired with a negatively charged surface to ensure that the finished product lasts for years to come. Finding electrostatic painting in Miami is a great way to ensure your home or business is painted efficiently and entirely on-site.

Ease of Access

Items that have been powder coated require the painter to take the item for a period of time. This simply isn’t possible in a lot of scenarios. Businesses can’t go without certain items while maintaining operations, and electrostatic painting is the perfect solution.

Electrostatic painting can dry completely overnight or even in just a few hours. On the other hand, powder coating requires items to be taken apart, transported, cured, and brought back. This means electrostatic painting excels when it comes to convenience.

Electrostatic Painting for Large Jobs

Powder coating is fine for small items that are easy to transport, but that’s simply not possible for every item. This is where electrostatic painting thrives. The painter can visit a particular location and have the job completed in a single day.

This offers a greater area of versatility too. Some items, like doors, automotive parts, and roofing simply can’t be moved off location for a paint job. There’s nothing specifically wrong with powder coating; however, it’s just simply not the solution for bigger jobs.

Electrostatic Painting Is Clean

Due to the surface being negatively charged and the paint itself being positively charged, it’s nearly impossible to make a mess. The paint doesn’t even have to be sprayed directly on the surface. Just by the paint passing by the negatively charged surface it will become attracted and stick directly to your intended target. This means on-site electrostatic painting & refinishing will never leave a mess at your business area or home.

Electrostatic Is Better for Restorations

Electrostatic painting can provide a clean finish to any old metal buildings. It thrives where spray painting and powder coating fail. For example, it’s impossible to move an entire building to cure with powder coating, and spray painting can leave bubbles and streaks on surfaces. Electrostatic painting in Miami can refreshen even the oldest buildings in the area.

Electrostatic painting even makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach areas due to the nature of the magnetic attraction. You don’t even have to have direct line-of-sight to paint with electrostatic methods. There’s simply no easier way to handle big jobs than with on-site electrostatic painting & refinishing.

Find Electrostatic Painting Services in Miami

Electrostatic painting is quite the niche service, so most people don’t even know where to begin looking. Luckily, Steeltech Electropainting has been offering electrostatic painting services in Miami for years. We offer both residential painting and commercial services too.

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