Five Reasons to Consider Electrostatic Painting for Your Business

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Your storefront is a potential client’s first impression of your business. Hard water stains, cracked or chipped paint, graffiti, and other unsightly issues with your company’s exterior can give your customers the wrong perception, costing you money. Taking care of your commercial property is crucial to protecting your profitability and growing your business. 

If you’re looking to revive the paint job on your property or switch things up with a new color because of a logo change, do your research! Not all paints are the same, especially when it comes to exterior applications. If the paint isn’t formulated for use outdoors, they may only end up worsening the problem.  

Electrostatic painting is perfect for commercial use—here’s five reasons why! 

Uniform Coating 

Electrostatic painting in Hialeah provides an even, uniform coating superior to traditional spray techniques. By using a mild electrical charge, electro static painting uses magnetism, allowing for greater control over how much paint is dispersed and preventing over spraying.  

Unlike traditional painting methods, this technique uses paint that is positively charged with a mild current. The surface being painted is then grounded using a negative charge. Because the charges are opposing, the paint is drawn to the surface, creating a bond that extends longevity and increases durability. 

Quick, Clean Application 

One of the main benefits of using electrostatic painting in Hialeah is how quick and easy it is to get done. Where traditional paint projects can take days to weeks to complete because they have to be done in sections, Steeltech can complete your entire paint job in just a few hours! Electrostatic painting can cover large areas in less time that other methods. It also reduces product waste and requires less clean up. Electro painting in Hialeah greatly limits business disruption caused during the process. With Steeltech, we can work around your schedule and complete the job when it’s most convenient for you. 

Electrostatic painting is done in three easy steps:  

  • Washing the surface to remove any grease, dirt, or grime 
  • Sanding to create tooth for the paint to adhere to 
  • Paint application (dries within 30 minutes) 

Environmentally Friendly 

Because the electrostatic method of painting uses less product and reduces waste, it is an environmentally friendly solution to refreshing your business’ exterior. Steeltech’s precise and efficient paint method requires less paint, which reduces airborne particles that can irritate eyes or lungs. Unlike traditional painting which requires excess careful disposal of excess paint, electrostatic painting only uses the exact amount of paint necessary for the job. 


Electo painting in Hialeah isn’t limited to storefronts! Because of this unique approach to painting, it can be used on a number of surfaces. Paint windows, awnings and canopies, fencing, machinery, office furniture, and more! Electrostatic painting can be done externally and internally for any size paint job. Steeltech can also service residential properties from single homes to condominiums.  


Because electrostatic painting in Hialeah bonds paint to nearly any surface, it is more durable than other painting methods. Electro paint is resilient against damage caused by environmental factors like rain and harsh summer heat. Its durability makes it perfect for dynamic machinery like construction, factory, and medical machinery. Steeltech is so confident in its resilience, we offer a warranty against cracking, peeling, and de-lamination caused by exposure. 

For more information about how electrostatic painting works and how we can serve you, contact us today! 

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