Different Types of Industrial Coating

Worker electrostatic painting in full hasmat gear

Industrial coating is the main method of protecting metal surfaces. The coating you are looking for depends on the usage and chemical composition, along with various other factors. For example, a special coating may be applied to a piece of equipment if it is used in an environment where corrosion may occur. The coatings serve the purpose of protecting the equipment against corrosion. This blog will discuss four types of industrial coating used in industries and the benefits of using them.


Exterior Electrostatic Coating

Electrostatic painting is also known as electrostatic spray painting, electrostatic airless spraying, or EAS spraying. It is the most common industrial coating applied to various metals and other materials. Such coatings are used in multiple industries, including auto parts, aerospace, electronics, plastics, and rubber. Electrostatic paint is usually applied to surfaces that need protection from corrosion and oxidation. It significantly reduces wear on machined surfaces, plastics, and rubbers.



Electrostatic coating is also used for restoration purposes. The electrostatic paint is applied to the deteriorated parts to revitalize them and restore them to their original condition. Restoration is a process that applies electrostatic paint over the material’s surface that has lost its luster, corrosion, or other defects. Under the proper conditions, restoration can be done in just a few minutes.


In restoration, metal surfaces can be restored to their original condition by removing rust and renewing the metal surface’s paint or layer. Restoring the surface will preserve the metal part for a longer time and improve its durability.


Polishing and Buffing

This high-performance coating can be used to polish metal surfaces and give them a smoother finish. The electrostatic process is employed by manufacturers of shoes, optical products, and commercial products to apply polymers to the surface for high luster and other appearances. Buffing is a form of polishing using paper rolls with abrasives embedded to remove scratches. Buffing is the most common way of polishing metal and plastic surfaces.


Surface Treatments

Exterior electrostatic coating is also used for surface treatments, which can coat and seal porous materials, including wood and paper products. The electrostatic process is applied to the porous surface of wood products, ceramic tiles, and other porous materials to protect from corrosion and erosion. It seals the porous surface to prevent moisture penetration, and non-woven materials get used as adhesive carriers.



This high-performance coating is commonly used for exterior applications. The process can provide an excellent barrier against chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and environmental contaminants. It prevents the buildup of acids, salts, and other minerals, as well as ozone attack, preventing the degradation of coated materials. Kynar coating has a good gloss, solvent resistance, and resistance to blends with other paints.


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