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Coatings are a technology that has been around for many years but is often misunderstood. This blog post will help to clarify some of the basics about coatings, including what they are, the types available, and their benefits. What Are Electrostatic Coatings? It is a method of applying a paint coating to a metal surface…

How Metal Buffing Is Different from Metal Polishing

Metal polishing and buffing are two popular paint restoration services that bring back shine to metal surfaces. While they share some similarities, there are also critical differences between the two processes. How They Work Metal buffing usually refers to using a rotating wheel with an abrasive compound to remove scratches and other imperfections from the…

Powder Coating vs Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting has some similarities with powder coating, but they have enough differences to be considered two completely different methods. This biggest difference is that electrostatic painted items do not need to be put in an oven to cure. Continue reading to learn how electrostatic painting excels over powder coating. What Is Electrostatic Painting? Electrostatic…

Different Types of Industrial Coating

Industrial coating is the main method of protecting metal surfaces. The coating you are looking for depends on the usage and chemical composition, along with various other factors. For example, a special coating may be applied to a piece of equipment if it is used in an environment where corrosion may occur. The coatings serve…

What is a High Performance Exterior Coating?

If you’re looking for a way to improve the look and performance of your home’s exterior, a high-performance exterior coating may be the answer. These coatings can protect you from the elements while making your home look great.   1. What Is a High-Performance Exterior Coating? It is a type of paint or other finish…

How Is Electrostatic Painting for Machinery Different From Other Electrostatic Painting Services?

Electrostatic painting for machinery is a process that uses static electricity to paint objects. This type of painting is different from other types of electrostatic painting because it uses a higher voltage and a larger electrode. It is used on many different objects, including large pieces of equipment.   1. Uses Static Charge Electrostatic painting…

The Benefits of Using Electrostatic Painting in Hialeah, FL

Electropainting is a process that uses electricity to transfer images into fabric, metal, or plastic. It is often done by using an electrophoretic process that uses an input coil and a cathode. Electrostatic paint on walls is a healthy addition to the home, especially if you have an allergy. It also performs well in corrosion…

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