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The Benefits of Using Electrostatic Painting in Hialeah, FL

Electropainting is a process that uses electricity to transfer images into fabric, metal, or plastic. It is often done by using an electrophoretic process that uses an input coil and a cathode. Electrostatic paint on walls is a healthy addition to the home, especially if you have an allergy. It also performs well in corrosion…

Electrostatic Painting for Hialeah Businesses

Electrostatic painting is a process that involves applying an aqueous solution of acrylic paints and coating materials onto an object with either arcing or low-voltage electricity. The electrostatic charge then serves as the paint for that object, creating a pattern that reflects light differently than regular paints do. Here are a few benefits of electropainting…

Posted onApril 27, 2022
Polishing vs. Buffing

Buffing and polishing are ways to provide finishing for your product in the manufacturing industry. There are many ways to smooth the surface of the piece you’re working on. The reasons for the finish may be aesthetic or functionality. People often get confused between the two and think they are the same. However, this is…

What is Coraflon and How Can You Benefit From Using It?

Powder coating over metal surfaces is essential to ensure their durability and longevity. However, powder coating over metal used in construction is more important than other metal surfaces. Metal structures used in construction are exposed to different temperatures throughout the year. Besides the changing weather, these structural elements are also exposed to environmental factors. Without…

Electrostatic Painting Does the Job When Other Paints Fail

You might have heard of the term electrostatic as it refers to painting and wondered what it means. Electrostatic is the process of using paint particles with a positive charge to coat metal surfaces. This requires a specialized gun to get it done. Many people like using this kind of paint. That’s because it creates…

5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Electrostatic Paint Company

Electrostatic painting has become very popular because it requires no primer coat and can be applied over existing wallpaper. It also provides a long-lasting finish that won’t crack or peel. The process involves applying a special coating to the wall then spraying the design onto the surface. When hiring an electrostatic company, consider these five…

What Applications Are Best For Electrostatic Paint?

Electrostatic painting is a superior painting technique that employs positively charged paint particles using a paint gun to cover flat metallic planes. The process is very efficient because the paint particles stick very easily to the grounded metal plane, leading to a clean and professional coating on surfaces like railings and windows. The coating is…

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