On Location Electrostatic Painting (ESP) - Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment

At Steeltech Electropainting, Inc.® our capabilities for electrostatic painting and refinishing are endless. With leading industry experience since 1974, and equipped to serve a diverse customer base throughout the Florida State, our company holds a top position, and is recognized as a trusted and respected provider of superior quality work, unparalleled customer support, cost effective, dependable and long lasting solutions.

We work with the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and we have the ability to restore old machinery and equipment, as well as an entire manufacturing plant and facility, through skilled electrostatic painting (ESP) and refinishing services that will bring life and color back to a multitude of surfaces and artifacts, including metal doors, wall and bathroom partitions, metal ceilings, windows and door frames, elevators, railings, and much more.

Our services are conveniently completed at our customers’ location, where we arrive with our mobile units and our experienced craftsmen, who maintain an organized and clean environment, and work efficiently within a flexible schedule to suit our customers’ needs and preferences.  We offer a wide array of colors and specialty coatings that provide outstanding sealing properties, and that help extend the life and performance of the substrates.

Our company is covered by all applicable licensing and insurance, and we take great pride in mentioning that we only utilize superior quality products

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