Things to Know About Electrostatic Painting

If you’re thinking about buying your condo or home, you should be aware of all that goes into finishing your own home. Condos, apartments, and homes which you buy are never done all the way. To make your purchased condo or apartment a more homely place and a better reflection of your aesthetic better, you will likely have to conduct a lot of work into doing so. 

Even when we get a perfect structure in which everything is built and maintained well, we may find some finishing touches that we might have to make to ensure that the house or condo is livable and reflects who we are as people. One of the most significant ways to do this is by painting your home, or you’re the surfaces in your home.  Electrostatic painting is one of how you can conduct finishing on your new home. It is a relatively novel method, so it comes with all sorts of cool enhancements to your home. 

However, before you get done with anything, you must have enough information about the electrostatic painting. 

What is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic is a term used for a particular type of coating application equipment. It was developed in 1938 by a man named Ransburg. He developed a system where you can apply an electric charge to a stream of paint and the surface on which they were painting on. It uses a principle of charge which states that opposite charges attract. The opposing charges create a sheet of coat and paint, allowing very little paint to be wasted.

Electrostatic forces of attraction are a law that states that negative and positive charges are attracted to each other. So if this same charge is given to two separate entities, they have chances of being attracted to each other too. Electrostatic painting applies this principle to save money and get the paint job done efficiently. 

Where is Electrostatic Painting Used?

You may not have heard about electrostatic painting, but it has been around for a long time. People have used it for all kinds of features. But recently, we’ve heard about the notion of electrostatic painting for condo associations, which is a feature by which they use electrostatic forces to paint metal surfaces. 

In the past, electrostatic painting was only used to ensure that metal pieces like bike frames with many hard-to-reach edges and corners could be painted, including every nook and cranny.  It can be used to paint any surfaces which are conductive of electricity. However, its drawback is also that you can’t coat non-conductive surfaces utilizing this form of painting. 

What are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting?

The reason electrostatic painting for condo associations is gaining so much popularity is that it has many benefits. We have mentioned some of the benefits of this process below. 


  • It is Efficient 


The process involves charged particles from a spray that can go to a conversely charged particle on a metal surface. There is an electrostatic force applied here, which creates a special lane for the paint particles to meet their target.  You don’t have to move the paint sprayer around a lot as the surface itself catches the paint in places that it is charged. 

For example, electrostatic painting for condo associations generally involves many gates and fences in the entire gated community. These fences and gates are difficult to paint, and electrostatic painting can help with this. 


  • It Wastes Less Paint 


Since there is a general attraction between the paint and the surface you’re painting, the paint is less likely to fall onto areas that don’t have a charge.  It creates less wastage and also allows for less of an environmental impact. The low waste also means that it doesn’t take a lot of energy to be formulated as less paint wasted means less energy wasted. 


  • It is Durable


Electrostatic painting helps create a coat of paint that is less likely to wear down or fade with time. This fact means that even if the coating is relatively thin, you’ll use it for a long time. The coating is difficult to break through.


  • It Has an Even Finish


Things aren’t aesthetically pleasing if the finish isn’t glossy or final. In your home or condo, you would want there to be aesthetically pleasing finishes as this refines the entire look of your home and electrostatic painting does this in the best and most efficient way possible. 

Final Thoughts 

Electrostatic painting for condo associations may be a wise way to go about beautifying your neighborhood. There are many benefits to electrostatic painting as we’ve seen. However, it’s necessary that the company you’re having the service rendered by is aware of the optimum method of going about the procedure. Steeltech Electropainting is a company based in Florida that has been around for years and prides itself on its fine polishing and finishing using electrostatic painting. 

For more information on electrostatic painting for condo associations or to get a quote from Steeltech electropainting, please visit us at

The Difference Between Electrostatic Painting And Powder Coating

A common question we get from customers is whether electrostatic painting is the same as powder coating. Both painting processes are similar, but electrostatic paint is the superior option. This is why our refinishers use the electrostatic process as an alternative to costly replacements for equipment and products that have aluminum, metal, or other challenging surfaces that is impossible to refinish with conventional paints. The result is a smooth finish and a product that can be used for many more years.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating uses an electrical charge to attract the negative properties in the metal surface to be painted. In this way, powder coating and electrostatic paint are the same. Where powder coating differs is in the next step of the process. The metal object must then be placed in an oven to bake so it can cure. As a result, the process must be done at the shop, rather than having the painters come to you. This can pose a problem if the object you need to be painted is an elevator located in your building. Furthermore, only objects that can withstand temperatures of 385 degrees Fahrenheit can be painted.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits to using powder coating. For example, it:

  • Has a dense, sturdy finish, making the product more durable
  • Can be done quickly and efficiently
  • Leaves an incredibly smooth and even finish on all surfaces
  • Is environmentally friendly

What is the downside of this painting process? As previously mentioned, it requires an oven along with a lot of other materials and equipment to complete the job. Additionally, the complexity of the process makes it very expensive. Finally, if you need a thin finish, powder coating isn’t for you. The coating always goes on thick and attempting to thin it usually results in an uneven finish.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

Much like its alternative, painting electrostatically uses positively charged particles that attract to the negative particles on the surface of the object being painted. This allows the paint to wrap around the object, creating a durable, smooth finish. The paint is attracted to the metal from every direction, which significantly minimizes waste from overspray. If you need an iron fence to be painted, doing so electrostatically will prevent mess on the surrounding area.

Additionally, it can cure the object without heat, so no high temperature is necessary. Without the need for an oven, projects can be completed at our shop or on-site at your business/residence. Steeltech Electropainting, Inc.® will send a team of experienced craftsmen to electrostatically apply high-performance coating primers and finishes tailored to meet the needs of each individual substrate. Leaving a finish that is equal to or in most cases superior to a factory finish.

The benefits don’t stop there. Painting electrostatically gives you:

  • More color options than powder coating
  • More control over the thickness of the paint, so it creates a thin finish
  • More money in your pocket, as it’s more affordable

Bottom Line

The painting application you choose will depend on what you need to be painted. However, if you want more color options, a thinner application, and you need the job to be performed on-site, then you will benefit most from electrostatic paint. Additionally, it is more affordable, which is an important consideration if you have a budget. When you contact our professionals at Steeltech, ask for their opinion on the best finishing method for your project.

Contact Steeltech

We are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in metal polishing, buffing, and refinishing at competitive prices. We offer fast and convenient services and will send a mobile unit to your workplace to undergo the painting process. Our effective process includes first washing the metal surface to remove dirt and grease and then sanding to provide a tooth between the surface substrate and the new finish system. Additionally, we apply masking wherever necessary.

For high-quality electrostatic painting services, contact Steeltech Electropainting, Inc.® Call 800-638-4413 to find out what we can do for you.

What is Electrostatic Painting and How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered how metal surfaces get painted? It’s not something that crosses many of our minds. But, when we stop and think about it, the whole thing can be mind-boggling. The answer to this question is electrostatic painting machinery. Electrostatic painting is unheard of by many, but this method of painting is utilized in various circumstances. From painting doors to metal fences, electrostatic painting is standard practice. You probably even have one item in your home that got painted with an electrostatic painter. For all of your electrostatic painting needs, Steeltech Electropainting, Inc., is here to help. But if you still need more information on what it is, how it works, and when to use it, we got you covered. Keep reading below to learn more!


What is Electrostatic Painting?


Electrostatic painting is a method of painting unique surfaces with a spray gun. The best way to give you a visual is by picturing a spray paint can in the form of a spray gun. The paint gets sprayed out onto the object. Now, you may be wondering why this method of painting is not used on everything. It sounds pretty efficient, right? Well, this method is usually secured for metal objects as the paint is attracted to that material. It all comes down to the particles in the paint. The particles bond well with metal and stick to the surface because of this attraction. You may wonder why you have never heard of ESP before, too. Although, this method of painting has been used for almost a century now. The first spray gun even came about in 1938. However, today’s devices are more modern and have updates to them.


How Does ESP Work?


Now, we know the paint is attracted to metal because of the particles. But, there’s more to it than that. When we show up at the location you choose, we follow a specific process to ensure a clean and well-done paint job. First things first, we clean the item or surface you want us to paint. We have to do this to remove any dirt that could mess up the overall finish. We also have to do this so the paint is attracted to the object. Dirt and grease can get in the way of that. After the cleaning, we sand the object or surface. We add the sand because it helps provide some sort of boundary. Next, we mask off the surrounding area. Then the magic happens. The metal gets ground up into smaller pieces and placed. Then we get to painting. The painting process is lengthy and may require a few different coats with the electrostatic painting machinery. We want to make sure the item or surface you wanted to get painted comes out okay. So if it takes a few coats, we do them all until the results are flawless. Usually, the coats will dry fairly quickly, making the wait time minimal. However, how many paint coats we apply all depends. Sometimes we will also do multiple coats if you wanted a blend of colors or some kind of pattern on the surface. Basically, we cater the process to your wants and needs.


What Surfaces Can We Cover?


One question we get time and time again is what kind of surfaces we can cover. And this question has many answers to it. With the electrostatic painting machinery, we can cover almost every surface that will attract the paint particles. As mentioned above, mainly metal surfaces such as doors, fences, and metal appliances. However, if you are not sure if the surface can get painted with electrostatic painting machinery, the best thing you can do is reach out. When you give us a call, we can answer all of your questions. If the item can get painted with our machinery, we can go ahead and set up an appointment.


Reach Out To Us Today!

To learn more about the services we have with our electrostatic painting machinery, check out our website Steeltech Electropainting. Whatever coating, painting, and polishing job you need help with, we got you covered. We do it all! To learn more about how we can help you, reach out to our team today at 1-800-638-4413 or check out our website. Our team is looking forward to assisting you!

Why Partner with Steeltech Electropainting to Update Your Metal Surfaces?

Let’s cut to the chase: Painting metal surfaces can be a huge pain. And it is even more difficult to get satisfactory results if it is exposed to the elements outdoors. Rollers and brushes are only an option if you *want* visible streaks, while latex and oil-based products are bound to bubble and peel when applied to intricate surfaces.

It is for these reasons and more that Steeltech Electropainting in Hialeah offers electrostatic painting, a smooth, durable finish on almost any metal surface, guaranteed to provide superior results. What is electrostatic painting? Very happy you asked!

Consider how a magnet sticks to the side of a refrigerator. This is a demonstration of positive and negative molecules being attracted. The metal in the refrigerator holds the negative molecules while the magnet is positively charged. This creates a pull between the two surfaces, as the molecules literally reach toward one another to connect. This is exactly how electrostatic painting works.

Electrostatic painting positively charges the paint molecules as they leave the spray nozzle. The paint is part of an electric field that directs it towards the negatively charged metal surface. This attraction between positive and negative molecules is 75x stronger than gravity…so strong that the paint sprayed slightly away from the metal surface will actually change direction to connect with the metal.

You see, the paint particles are attracted to the highest charge, which means droplets will be distributed evenly across every part of the surface without paint. This electrostatic process of painting differs from standard spray painting because of this magnetic attraction between the paint and the metal surface. Paint from a conventional sprayer generally goes where the gun is pointed, but there is a tremendous amount of overspray and it is difficult to maintain an even coating. Steeltech Electropainting ensures that the paint is attracted to the metal with magnetism, reducing overspray and uneven coatings…which is a game-changer.

The benefits of electrostatic painting apply to a variety of metal surfaces, including those used in retail facilities, medical equipment, machinery, industrial exteriors, and much more. What sort of benefits? Consider:

  • Electrostatic painting creates a smooth and protective coating that rivals Powder Coatings, but the electrostatic process is portable (powder coatings must be performed in a factory) and can be applied to refurbish existing metal hardware or appliances.
  • Electrostatic painting reduces paint loss with a 98% transfer rate. Typical paint sprayers top out at about 40% efficiency, with more overspray and paint drying in the air before it even hits the surface.
  • Electrostatic painting is not cheaper than other forms of painting, but it does add more value. As a result of its efficiency, most items only need one coat of paint. There’s also the added value of extending the life of metal fixtures with a quick coat of paint to look new and stay protected from rust and deterioration.
  • Most electrostatic painting projects are completed in a matter of hours directly at your home or business, and the drying time is nominal.
  • The color options are limitless, including customized paint colors to match existing surfaces.

Bottom line: Electrostatic painting is not only attracted to metal; it doesn’t clump or drip like conventional paint. The paint molecules being positively charged means they repel one another also, creating a fine mist that coats evenly for a sleek, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and hygienic. It resists stains and spills, and most cleaners can safely be used without damaging the coating.

If you have metal surfaces that need a new color specifically or a new look in general, or even if they are just beginning to rust or deteriorate, give the team at Steeltech Electropainting a call. Whether it’s office equipment, antique fixtures, outdoor storage, wrought-iron fencing, or whatever your project, electrostatic painting has a tremendous amount of advantages. However, it does require the right paint, equipment, and expertise to create the new surfaces you desire.

Contact us to learn more about our metal painting services, including interior and exterior surfaces for your home or business in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and throughout South Florida.

Make Your Old Business Furniture Look Like New Again with Electrostatic Painting

Does your commercial business have old metal equipment like lockers, cabinets, desks, partitions, restroom doors, elevator doors, merchandise cases, etc. that can use some freshening up? Don’t replace them just yet. Consider electrostatic painting an affordable option that will make all your office furnishings look new again. Electrostatic paint is a high-performance paint that uses the principles of science to deliver exceptional results. It acts like a balloon attracted to static electricity like when you rub it on your hair or a wall. The electrostatic painting process involves the use of a special electrostatic spray gun. It charges the material to be painted with a positive electrical charge to form a tight bond. When electrostatic paint is applied to products, paint particles form a strong bond delivering an even, high-quality finish without any drips, brush marks, or bubbling.

What are the benefits of electrostatic painting?

Does your chipped or faded metal office equipment or machinery need a fresh coat of paint or a new look? Instead of throwing away your perfectly functioning machinery and replacing it, there is another option. Electrostatic painting for machinery may be the answer for you. There are  benefits and advantages to working with electrostatic paint that may surprise you:

  • Fast-Drying. Electrostatic paint dries quickly overnight in most cases, and the thickness is easy to control. Your equipment can be up and ready for use in less than 24 hours.
  • Durable. This paint is extremely durable and unlike any other paint, you’ve ever used. The high-performance coating is resistant to harsh chemicals and corrosion. This coating provides a smooth, hard enamel finish.
  • Saves Money. This type of paint reduces overspray, and using less paint can save you time and money. Using electrostatic paint is also cost-effective because it can make old equipment look like new again at a fraction of what it costs to replace the equipment.
  • Saves Paint. You don’t have to use a lot here to get the desired effect. Minimal overspray or spattering will produce an even application.  It ensures that the paint lands on the equipment rather than the surfaces surrounding the equipment.
  • Resistant to Dirt. The electrostatic paint surface is resistant to dirt, spills, and stains and can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth. It can withstand use in the harshest environments and lasts for years because it will not corrode or rust.
  • Versatile. Electrostatic paint can be custom matched to any sample you supply, and it is available in a wide array of pleasing colors.

Are you ready to learn more?

If your company has old metal equipment or furniture that needs some cleaning up, but you can’t afford to replace, electrostatic painting is the perfect solution. Bear in mind that electrostatic painting is a specialized craft that is best left to a professional. With years of knowledge and a team of experts serving satisfied customers all across South Florida, Steeltech Electropainting is an industry leader and the first choice for electrostatic painting for your storefront, commercial building, or residence. Do your ugly metal pieces need some sprucing up? At Steeltech Electropainting, we make them look like they just came out of the factory. Our experienced technicians will bring your old metal pieces, machinery, and office furniture back to life! Call us at (305) 821-1988 today for a free quote. You can also visit our website at to view some of our exceptional work. You can read some of our glowing reviews and see why our customers always return. No job is too big or too small!  We are also available to do the work at your convenience. So, if you’ve been thinking about throwing that old metal cabinet in your garage away—don’t trash it—let us rehash it with electrostatic paint!

Here’s Why You Need to Switch to Electrostatic Painting Today!

Visual appeal is needed more now than ever before. However, you still need to make sure your furniture is being protected rather than simply looking better than it did before. This is where Steeltech comes in! With our High-Performance Coating Systems, your furniture’s surface life can be extended and won’t need to be repainted as soon as before.

A high-performance coating system can help your furniture resist corrosion while adding both bold color and durability. Steeltech uses the best high-performance coating systems available to provide our superior quality electrostatic painting (ESP) solutions! By having Electrostatic painting done to either your home or office allows individuals to successfully restore their furniture, without having them purchase newer furnishings. Homeowners love Electrostatic painting because they don’t have to invest in expensive pieces for their home when they already love the ones they have and can’t afford to spend money on something else. 


The Benefits of Electrostatic Painting

An added benefit of electrostatic painting is that it provides added protection against ultraviolet and infrared heat degradation. Living in South Florida, you understand how destructive the heat can be, on top of the rainfall we experience. By choosing Steeltech to provide electrostatic painting, your home or business can have a newly painted appliance, machine, or furniture piece with added protection and durability.


Although electrostatic painting has been around for a while now, it has never been so masterfully used until Steeltech was founded. Whereas conventional spray paint applications use atomization to create an uneven spray for coating, electrostatic painting is carried out by coating an object with certain particles injected with color. This process gives appliances, machines, or furniture pieces a new and refreshed look.


This unique type of coating application was developed in 1938 by using Coating Systems.  The system efficiently applied electric charge into liquid paint and attracted the particles of paint to the surface of the object. An electrostatic coating application does the extra job of ensuring an even layer of paint is coated, resulting in a sort of thickness. Conventional spray paint applications can level behind an uneven coat, resulting from or high or low coated spots. But with the High-Performance Coating Systems from Steeltech, your piece will be sure to have an even layer of paint coated.


Steeltech is a leader in the Electropainting industry, serving numerous clients in a wide variety of industries to expand the life span of their products, buildings, and assets. By using our expert services and superior quality electrostatic painting solutions, learn why some of Florida’s most respected businesses all throughout the state choose Steeltech for their restoration needs.


Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

At Steeltech, we use the best high-performance coating systems the industry has to offer. In addition to using the best high-performance coating systems, we also offer the best service available. This reason is why thousands of Florida’s most respected businesses have had their windows, door frames, window frames, impact doors, storefronts, window walls, gates, and metal railings refinished by our experienced and dedicated craftsmen. When you choose Steeltech, our craftsmen will go directly to your location to refinish your products and surfaces on-premises. Steeltech offers a flexible schedule that suits our customers’ needs and to ensure that we do not interrupt their operations at work.

Contact Us Today!

Family owned and operated since 1974, Steeltech has a team of skilled refinishers to get virtually any job completed perfectly! Both licensed and insured, Steeltech’s on-site electrostatic painting, metal polishing, buffing, and refinishing allows for endless capabilities for your business to benefit! If you’re ready to bring your pieces back to their factory original look and feel, then contact Steeltech today by calling (305) 821-1988 to schedule an appointment! Find out how Steeltech can either paint, polish, buff or refinish your equipment or products today!

Understanding the Basics of Electrostatic Painting for Machinery

If you’re new to the world of electrostatic painting for machinery, you’re not alone. Many people who hear about this new technology are excited to get their hands on it! The challenge, however, is understanding the basics of electrostatic painting, and what’s all included. In this article, the experts at Steeltech Electropainting, Inc. are here to tell you what to expect when you hire their team for electrostatic painting. Keep reading to learn more! 


What is Electrostatic Painting for Machinery? 

First and foremost, let’s dig into what electrostatic painting really is. It’s a specialized gun that sprays out positive ions alongside whatever liquid is added to the gun. The reason for these positive ions is that they stick, almost magnetically, to negative ions. In our tangible world, almost everything around us is charged with negative ions. Therefore, if we want something to truly stick to the surfaces we’re spraying with a deep bond and hold, the best way to do this is to use an electrostatic painting technique that sprays the positive ions onto the negative ions, promising a very strong grip. Additionally, there’s less of a mess. Painting large platforms and machinery is usually done with a sprayer. Traditionally, this is quite a messy endeavor. Particles fly everywhere, leaving anything in the vicinity at risk for being sprayed as well. With electrostatic spraying, clients can rest at ease knowing that paint particles will be specifically targeted towards whatever the intended object is. Did you know that traditional sprays waste up to 20% – 60% of the product?

With electrostatic painting, clients waste only 5% of the product. 

How Long Does It Take Electrostatic Painting to Dry? 

For electrostatic painting, the process is quite similar to that of traditional paint. It takes anywhere between 12 – 24 hours for the paint to dry. To be sure that you’ve waited the appropriate amount of time, you’ll want to ask an expert to ensure that machinery is good to go. 


Are There Different Types of Electrostatic Painting? 

One thing people fear when choosing electrostatic painting is that there isn’t a vast range of selections. However, popular to contrary belief, there are plenty of paint options to choose from. Any oil-based paints should do, though they must be without metallics and should be thinner. Thinner paint ensures that the particles attach. Water-based paint types don’t tend to work, but it’s always a good idea to ask a professional about their expert opinions. All colors are available. If you can buy a traditional paint color, it should be able to be used for an electrostatic sprayer. 


What are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting? 

There are a few benefits to electrostatic painting. First and foremost, it’s very durable. Because the positive ions attach quite heavily to the negative ions on the subject or machinery, it’s not often that the paint will diminish, flake, or detach as traditional paint can. It’s very durable and eliminates a lot of waste. It’s wonderful for on-sight applications, and it leaves an even, beautifully coated finish. Some of the downsides include it being quite expensive, and usable for only metal objects. 


Where Can I Find Electrostatic Painting for Machinery? 

If you’re looking for electrostatic painting for machinery, you’re in the right place. At Steeltech Electropainting, Inc., we pride ourselves in offering South Florida residents services they can trust. With years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re here to aid you with all of your painting needs. Why go the traditional route when you can try something completely different? Take your business, machinery, and metalworks to the next level by using a painting technique that will guarantee full coverage, strength, durability, and clean spray. Contact our team today at 305-821-1988 and see how we can help you when you need painting assistance the most. As a family-owned and operated business that is fully licensed and insured, why choose anywhere else? We assist with storefronts, railings, window systems, metal fencing, elevator doors, exterior, and interior doors, as well as metal lockers. 

Steeltech Provides the Best Electro Painting in Hialeah

Have you considered electro painting in Hialeah for your business or even for your home? If you have, then you will be pleased to know that at Steeltech, we are highly recognized for offering the best electropainting services. Our mindset has always been, why invest in expensive restoration and purchasing new mobiliary, when you can just bring your furniture back to new with one simple process. With skilled technicians and the best equipment available, there’s no doubt that you will get exactly what you’ve been looking for at the end of the process.     

What is Electro Painting in Hialeah and Why Should You Invest in It?  

That’s a great question! In case you’re not familiar with the technique of electro painting in Hialeah, the process is quite uncomplicated and speedy, delivering high-grade results for a smaller cost and less amount of time invested into the project. If you’re an office manager, for instance, who is in charge of designing and or furnishing the office, then you may really want to look into electro painting in Hialeah. The process consists of machinery being operated by knowledgeable and experienced craftsman that works quickly painting surfaces with a spray gun. Many coloring options are available, and they adapt to the unique colors on your already painted surfaces as well. The coating spreads evenly, providing wonderful results.  

Why You Should Choose Us for Electro Painting in Hialeah?   

Maybe you’ve already made your decision, and you know without a shred of a doubt that will be moving forward and investing in electro painting in Hialeah, however, why should you choose us and not our competitors? That’s a good question and we’re glad you asked. The answer, believe it or not, is quite simple. Steeltech has been working consistently since 1974 to provide outstanding service to citizens of the Hialeah community and beyond. We pride ourselves in the work we do, plus we offer competitive pricing and top of the line services with practiced and extremely knowledgeable craftsmen leading the process. So, we think the better question would be, why not choose Steeltech? Wouldn’t you agree?    

Contact Steeltech Today for Electro Painting in Hialeah   

It’s settled! If you’re considering investing in electro painting in Hialeah, you should definitely consider stopping by Steeltech or calling our wonderful team of specialists at (305) 821-1988 for additional information about pricing, offers, and our other services, among which are restoration and polishing and buffing. Two things we know nearly everyone is in dire need of. So, you can’t go wrong when you choose Steeltech to take over such projects. We’re happy that you’re deciding to give us a chance and we know you will keep coming back just like our other customers did and continue to do. 

Where Can I Find the Best Electro Painting Services in Hialeah?

Running an office in Hialeah, Florida is a lot of work and responsibility. Being a manager is no easy task, you have to find a balance between keeping employees happy and making sure productivity stays high. It is proven that an updated and clean work environment boosts office morale and encourages employees to work hard. If the furniture in your office has seen better days than it might be time for restoration. There are many restoration companies in South Florida but none of them compare to the expert craftsmanship that Steeltech provides with their electro painting services.

Even if your office furniture is very worn out, pitted and even rusty don’t throw it out. Steeltech can perform wonders with their electro painting services. Electro painting, which is short for electrostatic painting is a manufacturing process in which charged particles are blasted out of a spray gun to paint a workpiece. The technical definition od electro painting is as follows, paint, in the form of either powdered particles or atomized liquid, is initially projected towards a conductive workpiece using normal spraying methods and is then accelerated toward the workpiece by a powerful electrostatic charge. While that information can sound quite confusing, what’s important is electro painting is the most efficient way to restore metal-based furniture.

Restoration That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Many people put off restoration because they believe it is just not affordable. At Steeltech we are trying to change that stigma one job at a time. Many of our clients are shocked when they find out how affordable our electro painting services are. We have been in business since 1974 and have given a new life to thousands of pieces of old furniture and other pieces of metalwork. Two main things have allowed us to flourish in the great town of Hialeah for so long. The first being our excellent craftsmanship and high attention to detail. There is no parallel to the work we do, and all of our technicians are professionally trained and hold the experience necessary to take on any sized job. The other aspect that we pride ourselves on is our fantastic customer service. We always go the extra length to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the work we provide for them. No matter how big or how small the job is we always provide our very best service. Our technicians are friendly, efficient and incredibly clean. When working at your home or office, our technicians will leave the job site even cleaner than when they found it. Most importantly, the job is not finished until the customer is satisfied.

Restoration doesn’t need to be an expensive and complicated process. When you choose Steeltech you’re choosing efficiency, excellent craftsmanship and affordability. Our electro painting can give new life to even the roughest and most worn-down metal-based furniture. Our mobile units even allow us to bring our services to you meaning there is no limit to the job size we can take on. For the best electro painting services in Hialeah, call Steeltech today!

Can Electro Painting Restore My Office Building in Hialeah?

America is often titled, The Land of The Free, no other country encourages and entices entrepreneurs to thrive in the economy more than America. If you have recently purchased office space for your hardworking employees perhaps you should consider restoration to give the place some character that reflects your company you worked hard to establish. A fresh and modern workplace is a great way to boost employee morale that in return encourages productivity. Restoring an office area can be quite a big job and you’ll want the job done well at an affordable price. This can be a stressful situation as you try and sort out who the best company is to take on such a job. Fortunately, Steeltech is here to take away the stress and make the entire process simple while maintaining expert craftsmanship at affordable prices. Their electro painting services is an excellent way to breathe new life into a dated and worn-out office space and modernize the area and transform it into a workspace that beckons style and refinement.   


Restoration Without the Headache!  

Restoration doesn’t need to be a complicated procedure. It can be, however, when you take on the job yourself or leave it up to a company lacking the necessary skills. At Steeltech, we take restoration seriously. All of our technicians are expertly trained and master craftsmen themselves. Our electro painting services involve a special spray gun that is utilized to paint and restore metal surfaces. We can paint with a large variety of colors which opens the doors to customization and the ability to match any pre-existing style you may wish to continue with during restoration.   


One of the best features of Steeltech is our portable capabilities. We understand many restoration jobs are just too big for the client to come to us. That is why our technicians are outfitted with mobile units that allow us to bring our electro painting services to you. This gives us the ability to take on any size job and it allows you the client to receive the exact type of restoration you seek. We take great pride in great customer service. We always strive to give all of our clients exactly what they envision or something even better. Regardless, the job is not finished until the customer is satisfied. We are happy to go the extra mile to ensure the client receives just that. We have been in business since 1974, partly due to our excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail and partly due to our excellent customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, we urge you to read some of our reviews left by our many satisfied clients. Many of which are returning clients   


If you are considering restoration for an entire office space or just one piece of furniture, you want a company with the experience to give you the exact results you envision. For those that live in Hialeah, there is only one company that can offer excellent restoration services with electro painting. That company is Steeltech. We are excited to meet you and help in creating the perfect office space.