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Custom Powder Coating

The Leader in Electropainting Services

Use Electrostatic Painting On

Restroom Partitions...
Elevators... Storage Units...

Work Done On Your Site
Refinishing rather than replacing can save you a fortune in remodeling costs. This is not a paint job but a complete chemical coating finishing system. Electrostatic Painting (ESP) provides greater transfer efficiency, producing little or no overspray. The coating wraps around the material, sealing all edges and surfaces from corrosion.

Playground Equipment... Wire Products... Shower Stalls... Lockers...
We Do It Right
Solid Adhesion Is The Key!!
Special surface preparation makes it perfect. The metal is cleaned, sanded and primed if necessary to insure perfect adhesion and a smooth blemish free finish.

Office Furniture... Files... Desks... Bookcases... Shelving...

Railings, Dental, Hospital & Manufacturing Equipment...
How Does Electrostatic Coating Work?:
The metal to be refinished is given a negative charge, the coatings are given a positive charge. The coating is pulled to the metal surface by the magnetic field. The coating dries to a factory baked finish as durable as it is beautiful.
Windows and Door Frames, Store Fronts, and Canopies...
No need to remove or replace existing aluminum.

Metal Doors, Office Wall Partitions... Metal Ceilings, Wrought Iron Products and Grocery Cases...
Stop Endless Brush Painting Problems:
Penny-wise. Pound foolish! Initial low cost of brushing leads to triple the mess and expense for the next paint job, usually within 1-2 years. This low quality type job gives poor adhesion and appearance.

Choose Your Color
For The Best Appearance:

We have dozens of designer colors in stock and we will be happy to custom blend for any of your special needs.

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