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Refurbishing Office Furniture

Office furniture doesn’t wear out; it gets nicked, marred and scratched. It usually remains solid with years of service left. The office services managers of many Fortune 500 companies have recognized this and contacted us for our on site electrostatic refinishing expertise.

Steeltech Electropainting Inc.® specializes in refinishing office furniture on-premises overnight. This process restores aging furniture to its original finish with no work interruption and without emptying desks or files. The refinishing is tax deductible as a maintenance expense. Savings up to 75% can be realized by refinishing rather than replacing. The process works on both metal and mica.

Here is how the process works. On the scheduled day a team of skilled Steeltech® craftsmen arrives with their mobile unit at the close of the workday. The items to be refinished are first washed to remove dirt and grease, and then wet sanded to provide a tooth between the surface and the new finish. Masking is applied where necessary. The electrostatic painting process applies a mild negative electrical charge to the item to be painted.

A special electrostatic spray gun charges the refinishing material with a positive electrical charge. The material is attracted like a magnet to the item. This assures uniform coating with no overspray or fog.

Cleanliness is maintained at all times. A light tack coat is applied first, followed by a full wet coat which dries within 30 minutes. Coatings are available in an array of decorator colors, including blends and matches to existing office decor.

The following morning, there is an all new appearance of desks, cabinets, credenzas and files. The change improves the attitude and morale of the staff, as well as enhancing the company’s corporate image. Steeltech's® on-site electrostatic refinishing offers an alternative to the costly replacement of old office furniture. Recycle!


20+ Pieces for the cost of 1 New File!
Today's economic marketplace demands new and innovative strategies.
Recycling office furniture saves major money.
No loss of quality of appearance, at a fraction of the cost of new furniture!

For the Price Of One New Cabinet...

We'll Refinish 20+!!!

No Hassle, On-Site, Overnight, DONE RIGHT!

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